Weapons of mass deception

Unmask deception and embrace truth! Join us on a journey to empower your consciousness in our live stream on Weapons of Mass Deception.


Join your hosts Marvin Schneider and world renowned energy healer Jen Ward in the second live stream event of the Daily Rejuvenation series on the Jenuine Healing Down Under. Explore the timely topic of Weapons of Mass Deception and discover how to break free from manipulation and misinformation. Learn how SFT tapping can elevate consciousness and empower you to discern truth from falsehood in a noisy world. Together, we dismantle the web of deception and rebuild your foundation on sincerity, integrity, compassion, and truth. Tune in to unveil the secrets of empowerment and truth-seeking in today’s challenging times.

Show notes

1. Exploring Weapons of Mass Deception

  • Introducing the concept of “Weapons of Mass Deception.”
  • A unique perspective on the power of deceptive forces and misinformation.

2. Upgrading Vibrations

  • Discover how we can elevate our vibrations from fear to love and empowerment.
  • The role of collective consciousness in our well-being.

3. Navigating a Noisy World

  • Discussing the challenges of discerning truth in the age of information overload.
  • The relevance of this discussion in the current era.

4. Tapping into Higher Consciousness

  • The transformative power of tapping and its role in freeing us from mental limitations.
  • Raising awareness and transcending the divisive mindset of “us versus them.”

5. Rebuilding Foundations

  • Emphasizing the importance of rebuilding our foundations based on sincerity, integrity, compassion, and truth.
  • The goal of collective empowerment through tapping and inner work.

6. Stay Connected with the Community

  • Inviting listeners to join the vibrant “Jenuine Healing” community.
  • Exploring profound topics through daily rejuvenation series and live events.


  • Encouraging listeners to embark on a journey of empowerment and truth-seeking.
  • Unmasking the weapons of mass deception that have held society captive.

Watch the episode here …

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