Undoing the valentines day massacre

Explore the link between Al Capone and Donald Trump as we tap away tyranny, healing history’s scars for a liberated future.


In an unprecedented SFT tapping event titled “Undoing the Valentines Day Massacre,” world renowned energy healer Jen Ward and Marvin Schneider embark on a profound journey to heal the collective consciousness, drawing a striking parallel between the historical actions of Al Capone and the modern-day tumult caused by figures akin to Donald Trump. This session, held on the portal of Valentine’s Day 2024, transcends the conventional boundaries of energy healing, delving into the depths of history to illuminate the cyclical nature of autocratic power and its impact on humanity. Through their insightful and empathetic guidance, Jen and Marvin dismantle the oppressive energies that have been perpetuated through time, offering a beacon of hope and empowerment for all of humanity.

The event meticulously uncovers the energetic threads linking the notorious Valentine’s Day Massacre orchestrated by Al Capone to the disruptive and divisive energies embodied by Donald Trump, suggesting that such figures are not merely individuals but manifestations of recurring patterns of power misuse. By drawing these connections, the session provides a unique perspective on the challenges faced by society today, framed within the broader context of historical cycles of oppression and control. Jen and Marvin’s approach, grounded in the principles of SFT tapping, neutralize these nefarious energies, fostering a space for healing, growth, and universal empowerment.

As participants engage with the powerful tapping sequences, they contribute to a collective effort aimed at undoing the deep-seated traumas and injustices of the past. This event is more than just a tapping session; it is a call to action for individuals to awaken to their destiny, to stand against the resurgence of autocratic tendencies, and to reclaim the narrative of love, truth, and compassion that rightfully belongs to Valentine’s Day and every other day. Through “Undoing the Valentines Day Massacre,” Jen Ward and Marvin Schneider not only offer a path to healing but also inspire a movement towards a future where humanity is liberated from the shadows of tyranny and fear, stepping into the light of awareness and collective empowerment.

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