Beyond the Book of Revelation

Elevate consciousness & transcend fear with SFT tapping at the Beyond the Book of Revelation event. Unite for humanity’s upliftment and transcend the notion of the end of days.


The Beyond the Book of Revelation group SFT tapping event, led by world renowned energy healer Jen Ward and Marvin Schneider, was a transformative gathering designed to elevate the collective consciousness and navigate beyond the confines of fear and limitation often associated with apocalyptic prophecies. Hosted in 2022, this event harnessed the power of Spiritual Freedom Techniques (SFT) tapping to address and dissipate the deeply rooted fears, societal programming, and the collective belief in an inevitable battle between good and evil as depicted in the Book of Revelation. Through a series of focused tapping sessions, participants were guided to release these ingrained patterns, fostering a collective healing process aimed at uplifting humanity into a state of higher awareness and universal empowerment.

Jen and Marvin intricately wove together teachings that challenged the participants to reconsider their perspectives on the end times, karma, and the cyclical nature of human consciousness. By addressing these fundamental human concerns at a collective level, they aimed to accelerate the shift towards a more empowered, abundant, and successful global community. The event underscored the importance of each individual’s active participation in the group tapping process, highlighting how adding your energy to the collective work can significantly impact the uplifting of all humanity. This shared journey was not just about personal enlightenment but about contributing to a larger movement towards universal empowerment and consciousness.

Reflecting on the relevance of the event’s teachings in today’s world, it’s clear that the insights shared by Jen and Marvin are timeless. The Beyond the Book of Revelation group SFT tapping event served as a powerful reminder that humanity’s collective destiny is not bound by predetermined prophecies of doom but can be shaped by our collective intentions and actions. Through the diligent work of energy healing and spiritual freedom techniques, participants were encouraged to envision and work towards a future where humanity transcends fear-based narratives, embracing instead a narrative of hope, healing, and co-creation of a higher, more harmonious state of being for all.

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