Rescuing democracy

Join us in a powerful SFT tapping event with world renowned energy healer Jen Ward & Marvin Schneider to heal and empower democracy, confronting autocracy, conservative coalitions, the religious right, and oppression.


In an era where the foundations of democracy are under siege from autocrats, dictators, and conservative coalitions, the need for collective action and healing has never been more urgent. This necessity has given rise to an extraordinary event hosted by Marvin Schneider and world renowned energy healer Jen Ward, known for her profound impact on individual and collective consciousness. Their emergency SFT tapping session is designed not just as a means of spiritual practice but as a powerful form of energetic activism aimed at rescuing democracy from the clutches of those who seek to undermine it.

The session is set against the backdrop of a world teetering on the edge of authoritarianism, where the forces of the religious right and power mongers threaten to erode the very essence of freedom and integrity. By harnessing the collective energy and focus of participants from around the globe, this event dismantles the energetic underpinnings that support autocratic regimes and oppressive structures. Through the targeted application of SFT (Spiritual Freedom Technique) tapping, Jen Ward guides participants in a series of energetic declarations and releases, aimed at confronting and disarming the psychic and energetic supports that uphold these damaging forces.

This isn’t merely an exercise in spiritual wellness; it’s a clarion call for those who envision a world governed by the principles of truth, kindness, and democratic freedom. By participating in this session, individuals join a larger movement of energetic activism, contributing to a tipping point towards global healing and liberation. The event is an invitation to stand in one’s power, to contribute to a monumental shift away from autocracy and towards a future where democracy, in its truest sense, can flourish. It’s a unique opportunity to be part of a community of change-makers, united in their desire for a world that honors the integrity of all beings.


00:00:00   Welcome to the Emergency SFT Tapping Session
00:00:20   The Current State of World Affairs and the Need for Change
00:02:07   Introducing the SFT Tapping Technique
00:04:54   The Power of Words in Energy Work
00:11:36   Addressing Misogyny and Autocracy Through Tapping
00:13:08   The Energetic Battle Against Autocrats
00:23:14   Dismantling the Support for Autocrats in Energy
00:37:25   Addressing Christian Extremism and Its Impact
00:41:31   Energetic Protocols for Universal Healing
00:46:40   Dissipating Psychic Streams of Energy
00:47:59   Exploring the Karmic Triad Protocols
00:49:02   Addressing High-Profile Individuals
00:52:29   Thwarting Attempts to Invoke the Insurrection Act
00:54:06   Neutralizing MAGA Crowd's Energy Matrices
00:57:25   Confronting the Psychic Energies of Trump
00:58:35   Extracting Nefarious Intentions Through Symbolic Acts
01:00:47   Broadening the Scope: From Trump to Global Governance
01:20:14   Empowering Humanity and Governance with Positive Values
01:23:34   Reflecting on the Journey and Its Impact
01:30:02   Closing Thoughts and Gratitude

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