Purging Radicalized Conservatism

Join Marvin & Jen Ward in an SFT tapping event to dissolve radical conservatism, aiming for global healing & empowerment, free from harmful ideologies.


In a powerful and transformative group SFT tapping event led by Marvin Schneider and world-renowned energy healer Jen Ward, participants embarked on a journey to purge the world of radicalized conservatism. Addressing a topic of great magnitude, they focused on dissipating energies weaponized against humanity’s upliftment, particularly those stemming from the Religious Right and various conservative coalitions. Their work is not just a temporary relief but at a profound and lasting shift in the collective consciousness, targeting the roots of extreme conservative ideologies that threaten the fabric of civil society and impede the empowerment of humanity.

Throughout this session, Jen and Marvin utilized the potent modality of SFT tapping to break down the psychic streams of energy fueling radical conservatism, offering a chance for liberation from these oppressive forces. They courageously tackled the pervasive influence of these ideologies, not just in politics but in how they seep into everyday life, impacting individual freedom and collective progress. The event underscored the urgent need for healing and transformation at a global scale, challenging participants to contribute their energies towards dismantling these structures of power and control.

As the tapping event unfolded, it became clear that this was more than an exercise in energy healing; it was a call to action for all of humanity. By directly addressing the spiritual and energetic underpinnings of radicalized conservatism, Jen and Marvin invited participants to join them in a concerted effort to create a new paradigm. One where empowerment, truth, and a genuine connection to the source are accessible to all, free from the distortions and manipulations of outdated and harmful ideologies. This session stands as a testament to the power of collective intention and the possibility of a future shaped by love, understanding, and true spiritual freedom.


00:00:00 Introduction to the Event
00:00:53 The Impact of Radicalized Conservatism
00:02:01 The Power of Group Tapping
00:06:59 The Power of Energy Work
00:09:16 The Impact of Lies and Manipulation
00:11:54 The Role of Energy in Truth and Lies
00:18:07 The Tapping Process
00:26:16 The Power of Awakening
00:38:54 The Danger of Ignorance and Entitlement
00:40:11 The Power of Individual Empowerment
01:00:11 The Light of Damascus: A Revelation
01:01:03 Awakening the Goddess: Breaking the Chains
01:03:20 The Ancient Importance of Female Bloodline
01:07:57 The Danger of Worshipping the Universal Mind
01:54:03 The Power of Truth: A Sword Against Malevolence
01:58:12 The Final Word: A Farewell

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