Everything but the kitchen sink

Explore deep spiritual healing and collective upliftment with Jen Ward and Marvin Schneider in ‘Everything but the Kitchen Sink’.


“Everything but the Kitchen Sink” is a profound and transformative group SFT (Spiritual Freedom Technique) tapping event led by world renowned energy healer Jen Ward and Marvin Schneider, dedicated to uplifting humanity and all beings on Earth. This event showcases Jen’s unique ability to channel and direct spiritual energy for collective healing and empowerment, honed over 15 years of deep spiritual work. The session is rich with over 100 specially crafted taps, each resonating deeply to address and dissipate psychic energies and societal issues. Jen’s approach is not just about individual enlightenment but is deeply rooted in the upliftment of the collective consciousness, emphasizing the interconnectedness of personal growth and universal betterment.

Throughout the event, Jen Ward’s expertise as a shaman comes to the forefront, illustrating her skill in moving energy for healing. She explains the powerful impact of sound as energy, using her voice to transform stagnant and negative energies into dissipating vibrations. This process is not just about sound; it’s a deeper spiritual practice that cuts through the ego, allowing you to break free from your limitations and experience true spiritual awakening. The event is a testament to Jen’s dedication to her spiritual path and her commitment to share this journey with others, guiding them towards love, abundance, freedom, health, and spiritual enlightenment.

The session is a microcosm of Jen and Marvin’s broader mission to bring about a shift in consciousness, where you becomes a conduit for healing not only yourself, but also the collective. The taps, imbued with Jen’s spiritual insights, range from addressing global issues like environmental concerns to more personal themes like self-love and overcoming ego-driven barriers. The event is a powerful reminder of the spiritual law of unity and the exponential impact of collective intentions. It’s a call to action for each individual to contribute to a larger, universal healing process, helping to create a world where every being thrives in harmony and spiritual freedom.


00:00:22 Introduction and explanation of group SFT tapping
00:04:29 The power of intention and affecting the collective consciousness
00:09:31 Addressing core issues and the importance of this work
00:14:23 Explanation of the tapping process and bypassing the ego
00:19:03 Jen's role as a shaman and moving energy through sound
00:22:41 Beginning of tapping session: Addressing God complex and tyrants
00:33:02 Taps related to money, hate, and awakening
00:43:25 Break and brief discussion
00:47:03 Tapping resumes: Nature, spiritual elitism, and dead energy
01:02:25 Taps on awakening, truth, and children
01:16:35 Connecting with nature and healing the Earth
01:31:52 Personal healing and releasing limiting beliefs
01:44:58 Conclusion of tapping session
01:46:01 Q&A session with attendees
02:00:01 Closing remarks and upcoming events

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