Thanksgiving healing

Experience transformative healing with Jen Ward & Marvin Schneider in our Thanksgiving Healing event. Embrace nature, release holiday stress & find spiritual freedom!


In the Thanksgiving Healing event, world renowned energy healer Jen Ward and Marvin Schneider offer a unique and transformative experience, diverging from traditional Thanksgiving celebrations. This event is not just an observance of a holiday; it’s a profound journey into the realms of emotional healing and spiritual enlightenment. The session begins with Jen expressing her personal experiences of loneliness during holidays, setting a tone of deep empathy and understanding. This is followed by an in-depth exploration of the importance of outflowing love and energy, rather than succumbing to the conventional pressures of consumerism and societal expectations associated with holidays.

The core of this event is the powerful SFT (Spiritual Freedom Technique) tapping session led by Jen. She guides the participants through a series of meticulously crafted tapping exercises, designed to address and release deep-seated emotional burdens and societal conditioning linked to the holiday season. The taps are aimed at peeling away layers of denial, addressing the pain of indigenous people, and breaking free from the shackles of commercialism. This part of the session is intensely therapeutic, aiming to liberate individuals from the mental and emotional traps set by conventional holiday narratives and to instill a sense of true gratitude and freedom.

Furthermore, the event takes a turn towards a more ecological and nature-centric perspective. Jen and Marvin discuss their personal experiences with nurturing trees and the profound sense of connection they feel with nature. This segment of the event is enlightening, urging participants to reconsider their relationship with the environment and find joy in the simple acts of caring for the earth. The session concludes on a note of empowerment and hope, encouraging participants to carry the lessons learned into their daily lives and to approach holidays with a renewed sense of purpose and awareness.

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