Just do you

Unlock your true potential by overcoming past traumas and ego. Embrace healing and growth to live, love, and contribute to universal harmony.


In this compelling video, world renowned energy healer Jen Ward, delves into the profound journey of self-discovery and healing that transcends lifetimes. She shares her unique perspective on the interconnectedness of your past life experiences with your present emotional and spiritual challenges. Jen illuminates the concept that your reactions to others, especially those tinged with discomfort or animosity, often stem from unresolved past life traumas. Through her insightful narrative, Jen invites you to explore the depths of your being, encouraging you to confront and release these buried traumas, thus paving the way for genuine empowerment and growth.

Jen emphasizes the critical role of the ego in hindering your spiritual and emotional development. She explains how the ego often acts as a barrier, preventing you from embracing your full potential and the lessons you are here to learn about love, growth, and self-empowerment. By sharing her wisdom and experiences, Jen offers a transformative approach to overcoming these obstacles. She challenges you to face your ego-driven fears and resistances head-on, advocating for a life lived in harmony with your true essence, free from the constraints of past burdens and societal expectations.

Through a series of poignant examples and personal anecdotes, Jen demonstrates how confronting and understanding your deepest fears and traumas can lead to a state of liberation and unconditional love. She introduces the concept of the Spiritual Freedom Technique (SFT), a powerful tool in her healing practice, as a means to facilitate this profound healing process. This video is not just a guide to personal healing; it’s a call to action for viewers to “just do you,” embracing their unique contributions to the world’s collective melody. Jen’s message is clear: by healing yourself, you can heal others, and in doing so, enrich the fabric of your shared existence with more love, creativity, and understanding.

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