Overcoming carpal tunnel

Discover how carpal tunnel links to past life traumas of battle, revealing a spiritual path to healing beyond conventional methods.


In an enlightening exploration of the spiritual dimensions behind physical ailments, world renowned energy healer Jen Ward, delves into the mysterious roots of carpal tunnel syndrome, offering a perspective that transcends the boundaries of conventional medicine. Jen posits that the pain and discomfort associated with carpal tunnel are not merely the result of repetitive motion or ergonomic mishaps but are deeply intertwined with past life traumas. She introduces the concept that actions such as typing or other repetitive movements may trigger memories of wielding swords or shields in battle, linking present discomfort to historical traumas of constantly being in attack or defense mode.

Jen shares compelling anecdotes and insights, including a profound case where a client, previously involved in a motorcycle accident, discovered his inability to use his hands was not a physical limitation but a spiritual block stemming from a past life decision to never harm another soul with his abilities. This narrative underscores the powerful influence of past life vows and traumas on our current physical conditions. Jen’s approach to healing involves recognizing these spiritual underpinnings and addressing them directly through energy work, thereby releasing the individual from cycles of pain and discomfort rooted in lifetimes of conflict and struggle.

The video not only sheds light on the spiritual causes behind carpal tunnel syndrome but also offers a broader reflection on how modern-day stressors and workplace pressures can reactivate ancient survival instincts. Jen emphasizes the importance of awareness, healing, and releasing these deep-seated traumas to move beyond mere survival mode. By understanding our body’s messages as clues to our spiritual and emotional well-being, Jen Ward guides viewers toward a path of healing that reconciles the physical with the spiritual, encouraging a life lived in harmony with our deepest truths and beyond the shadows of our past battles.

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