Attaining enlightenment

Explore the journey of enlightenment with Jen Ward, embracing inner power & overcoming obstacles to maintain spiritual awakening & peace.


In this insightful video, world-renowned energy healer Jen Ward guides viewers through the profound journey of attaining enlightenment, a transformative process that challenges and expands your spiritual and emotional boundaries. Jen delves into the complexity of enlightenment, emphasizing that it’s not merely about transcending the ego but understanding its role and reintegrating it to achieve a balanced state of being. She highlights the importance of recognizing and embracing your inner power and truth, rather than seeking external validation or answers. This message serves as a cornerstone for those on the path to self-discovery, offering a fresh perspective on spiritual awakening.

Jen Ward’s discussion further explores the obstacles individuals face after experiencing an awakening, including the tendency to sabotage your progress by overly emotionalizing experiences or reverting to the comfort of familiar patterns. She introduces the concept of relying on your inner compass, a critical tool for navigating the journey towards enlightenment. This approach encourages viewers to look within for guidance, surpassing societal programming, conditioning, and traumas. Jen’s compassionate yet straightforward delivery provides viewers with a sense of empowerment, urging them to trust in their ability to connect with their higher selves.

Moreover, Jen introduces the SFT tapping technique, a powerful tool she has developed to help individuals release past limitations and step into their empowered state. She emphasizes the significance of working through life’s challenges, such as mental illness, addictions, and external pressures, while maintaining inner peace and higher consciousness. Through her personal insights and practical advice, Jen Ward offers a beacon of hope and support for anyone seeking to maintain their enlightenment amidst the complexities of daily life. Her message is clear: empowerment comes from within, and by tapping into our inner truth, we can extend our gifts and love to the world in a meaningful and transformative way.

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