Removing curses

Discover how removing curses can liberate you from external pressures, enabling a life of true purpose and joy. Jen Ward guides the way.


In this enlightening video, world-renowned energy healer Jen Ward delves into the misunderstood realm of removing curses, a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of spiritual healing. Jen illuminates the concept of curses not as ominous spells from folklore, but as the imposition of external desires and expectations upon individuals. She explains how these forces, ranging from societal laws to familial pressures, act as barriers to personal autonomy and fulfillment. By identifying curses in their myriad forms—from governmental mandates to parental wishes that clash with your true calling—Jen provides a nuanced understanding of how they derail you from your highest purpose.

Jen’s approach to healing is deeply empathetic and empowering, emphasizing the liberation that comes from removing these subtle yet pervasive energies. She argues that living in alignment with your genuine passions, free from the resentment and self-doubt fostered by external impositions, allows for a fuller, more accountable contribution to humanity. Through her detailed explanations, Jen encourages viewers to recognize and articulate the subtle energies affecting their lives, offering hope and a path forward for those feeling disconnected from their true selves. Her message is one of empowerment: by reclaiming your personal energy and shedding the burdens not your own, you can embrace a life of joy and purpose.

The video concludes with a powerful call to action, inviting you to reflect on your own experiences with imposed desires and to seek healing. Jen Ward reassures those struggling to articulate their internal conflicts that this disconnection is not permanent and can be overcome with guidance and self-awareness. She addresses the common fear of empowerment, framing it as a fear of the self-responsibility that comes with true freedom. This episode stands out not only for its insightful exploration of curses and their removal but also for Jen’s compassionate invitation for you to embark on a journey of healing and rediscovery, promising a future where you are free to live in accordance with your deepest desires and truths.

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