Editing your DNA

Unlock your potential by releasing past life vows and traumas with Jen Ward’s transformative energy healing sessions.


In this enlightening video, Jen Ward, a world-renowned energy healer, invites you to explore the transformative concept of editing your DNA transcript through energy healing and private sessions. Jen addresses a common dilemma you might face: the struggle to manifest desires, explaining that this often stems from negative self-perceptions and deeply ingrained beliefs carried over from past lives. Through engaging storytelling and insightful explanations, she illustrates how these negative beliefs and vows from past incarnations can significantly impact your ability to attract love, abundance, and success in your current life.

Jen shares compelling case studies from her practice, offering vivid demonstrations of the profound changes that can occur when releasing past life vows and traumas. You’ll hear about a woman whose inability to attract partners was tied to a symbolic vow of celibacy, and another individual whose financial struggles were linked to past life vows of poverty, once considered spiritually noble. Jen’s unique healing approach, incorporating SFT tapping and visualization techniques, not only addresses these deep-seated issues but also opens a pathway for you to rewrite your DNA transcript, empowering you to overcome traumas and unlock your full potential.

The video concludes with a powerful invitation for you to recognize and tackle your inner issues, breaking free from the self-imposed prisons of unworthiness and isolation. Jen emphasizes that the barriers to happiness and fulfillment you perceive are often self-created, based on past life experiences and vows that no longer serve you. Through her compassionate guidance and transformative healing sessions, Jen Ward equips you with the tools to heal yourself, rewrite your life’s script, and step into a future filled with love, abundance, and spiritual freedom.

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