Fast track your spirituality

Explore the transformative power of energy healing & SFT tapping with Jen Ward & Marvin Schneider, unlocking the path to inner peace & spiritual growth.


In this enlightening episode of Jenuine Healing Down Under, hosts Marvin Schneider and world renowned energy healer Jen Ward, take you on a profound journey to explore the essence of spiritual growth and personal empowerment. They invite you into an intimate discussion on the transformative power of energy healing and the significance of establishing a personal connection with the healing process. Through a blend of updates on their latest endeavors and insights from Jen’s recent private session, Marvin and Jen highlight the importance of staying relevant and connected in today’s inundated world of spiritual platitudes.

Central to the episode is an exploration of a particularly impactful private session Jen conducted, which serves as a case study to illuminate the common challenges faced by spiritual seekers. This session delves into the themes of feeling spiritually lost and the continuous search for external validation in your spiritual journey. Jen shares her wisdom on redirecting this search inward, emphasizing the original teachings of looking within for answers, thereby fostering a powerful shift from external seeking to internal empowerment. The discussion opens up a profound dialogue on the nature of spirituality, showcasing how SFT tapping and other healing modalities can facilitate this inward journey.

The episode culminates in a powerful message on the role of SFT tapping in achieving spiritual clarity and empowerment. Marvin and Jen discuss how simple yet effective this practice can be in stripping away illusions and connecting individuals directly to their inner truth and source energy. They touch upon the importance of overcoming ego resistance to embrace your own growth and the collective mission of uplifting humanity. This episode of Jenuine Healing Down Under is not just a discussion; it’s an invitation to viewers to engage deeply with their spiritual practice, offering tools and insights to fast track their journey to spiritual freedom and empowerment.

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