Your portal to heal your body, mind, and soul

Marvin Schneider and Jen Ward are back! Dive deep into the revamped Jenuine Healing website and discover a community of empowered writers sharing profound insights. Join us in our mission to heal body, mind, and soul, one individual at a time.

A Portal to body, mind, and soul healing

Welcome back to the world of Jenuine Healing! After a brief hiatus, Marvin Schneider and Jen Ward, the dynamic duo behind the Jenuine Healing Down Under podcast series, are back to reconnect with you, stronger and more impactful than ever.

In the latest podcast episode, we shed light on the revamped and relaunched Jenuine Healing website, diving deep into its intricacies. It’s not just a simple facelift; it’s a renewed commitment to the mission of holistic healing. For anyone who has been searching for a community that resonates with a genuine, profound healing journey, this episode is a revelation.

A focus on purpose

Marvin and Jen lay out their vision for Jenuine Healing as a portal dedicated to helping individuals heal at every level: body, mind, and soul. They emphasize how the healing journey is not just theirs, but it’s for each and every one of you. They are merely the facilitators, guiding you towards self-empowerment and holistic well-being.

The magic of community writing

One of the episode’s highlights is the introduction to the Jenuine Healing Writers Forum. This space stands out as a testament to the transformative power of shared stories and experiences. It is a platform where empowered writers come forth, baring their souls, sharing profound insights, and drawing from personal spiritual experiences. The narratives are relatable, raw, and filled with a depth that resonates with many.

If you have ever felt that nudge to share your own spiritual journey, the Jenuine Healing community is a beacon. Marvin and Jen extend an open invitation for potential contributors to join this space and experience the magic of collective empowerment. If this is something that resonates with you, send us a message on the Contact page and we will show you how you can become involved

Daily rejuvenation

Jenuine Healing is about taking actionable steps toward healing. Marvin and Jen unveil their plan to introduce ‘Daily Rejuvenations.’ These are short, powerful sessions designed as alternatives to traditional meditation and yoga. The goal is simple: to provide effective tools that anyone can use without feeling overwhelmed or inadequate.

Alongside, they delve into the world of Spiritual Freedom Technique ( SFT) tapping. This practice is at the heart of many Jenuine Healing sessions, acting as a compass guiding individuals towards breaking barriers and accessing deeper layers of healing.

Join the movement

The podcast episode radiates an aura of community. With upcoming special events, including group SFT tapping sessions, healing workshops, Akashic record readings, and masterclasses, there is an abundance of opportunities for individuals to immerse themselves in transformative experiences. These events, as highlighted by Marvin and Jen, serve as pathways to transcend the ego, breaking the shackles that often hold one back from embracing their true potential.

Whether you are a returning member or someone just discovering the world of Jenuine Healing, there is a space for you here. Dive into the episode, explore the revamped website, and take that step towards a holistic healing journey. Your body, mind, and soul will thank you.

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