A new year of higher consciousness

Unlock spiritual growth with Jenuine Healing Down Under. Embrace higher consciousness and universal empowerment in our New Year episode.


In this enlightening episode of Jenuine Healing Down Under, hosts Marvin Schneider and world renowned energy healer Jen Ward welcome the New Year with a deep dive into spiritual awakening and universal empowerment. The episode begins with a thoughtful discussion on the concept of time, urging listeners to transcend the traditional constraints of linear time. They emphasize the importance of seeing each moment as an opportunity for growth and spiritual development, rather than just adhering to conventional celebrations like New Year’s. The dialogue shifts to highlight the essence of using the New Year as a portal, not just for celebration, but as a catalyst for enhancing your body, mind, and soul. This part of the discussion places significant importance on moving beyond mere emotions and mental barriers, and into a realm of higher consciousness.

The conversation then takes a transformative turn as Marvin and Jen introduce their masterclass titled “Stop Habitually Reincarnating.” This foundational course is presented as a crucial tool for understanding and navigating the soul’s journey through reincarnation. The hosts delve into the structure of the course, describing it as a combination of foundational concepts and practical, experiential elements, designed to facilitate deep personal growth and understanding of the reincarnation process. They stress the importance of this masterclass as a building block for eternal soul journey and highlight the subsequent online events that build upon these foundational teachings.

In the final segment of the episode, Jen shares her top five tips for personal and collective growth in the New Year. These tips include turning away from the distractions of the news and the outer world to focus on inner peace and beauty, using gratitude as a form of prayer, letting go of the past, serving others and the planet, and recognizing divinity in every interaction. The episode concludes with an invitation to their “Ringing In New Consciousness” SFT tapping event, aimed at uplifting humanity and promoting collective governance in higher consciousness. This episode serves as a beacon of hope and guidance for listeners seeking a more spiritually fulfilled life, emphasizing the importance of every moment and the power of collective action for universal empowerment.

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