Removing the negative charge on money

Transform your relationship with money – neutralize its negative charge and align wealth with spiritual growth.


In “Removing the Negative Charge on Money,” hosts Marvin Schneider and world renowned energy healer Jen Ward engage in a profound discussion about the spiritual dimensions of money. They begin by addressing a common dilemma faced by many spiritually inclined individuals: the struggle to attract monetary wealth due to its perceived negative energy. Jen elaborates on this concept, explaining that money often carries a negative charge which repels those with positive, enlightened energy. This insightful conversation sets the stage for a deeper exploration of the relationship between spirituality and wealth.

Marvin, with his background in corporate consulting, brings a unique perspective to the discussion. He reflects on his experience in helping companies maximize profits and identifies the core issues people have with money, including an unhealthy obsession with acquiring more of it, and the significance of directing wealth towards uplifting humanity. Both hosts agree that real enlightenment comes not from the mere possession of wealth but from using it with noble intentions to benefit the collective. This episode not only challenges the traditional notions of wealth but also invites listeners to reimagine wealth as a tool for positive transformation.

The highlight of the episode is the SFT (Spiritual Freedom Technique) tapping session led by Jen. This session is designed to neutralize the negative charge associated with money, transforming it into a force for higher purpose and empowerment. Through a series of powerful affirmations, listeners are guided to release beliefs that wealth is evil, to embrace monetary wealth as a mainstay for the enlightened, and to use it to embolden systemic compassion. This episode is not just an exploration of monetary wealth but also a practical guide to reconfiguring one’s relationship with it, aligning financial success with spiritual growth and higher consciousness.

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