The trauma of being born

Explore the profound insights on birth, reincarnation, and empowerment in this episode of the Daily Rejuvenation series. Join us for a transformative journey!


In Episode 21 of the Daily Rejuvenation series on Jenuine Healing Down Under, hosts Marvin Schneider and world renowned energy healer Jen Ward engage in a profound exploration of the emotional and spiritual complexities associated with birth. They challenge the common perception that death is more traumatic than birth, proposing the idea that entering the human consciousness is an uncomfortable and difficult process. This episode delves into the nuances of being born into the physical realm, highlighting the feelings of dread and discomfort that can accompany this transition. The discussion also touches upon adolescence, with personal reflections on its awkwardness and challenges.

The episode further delves into the topic of reincarnation, examining why souls choose to return to the physical plane despite its challenges. Jen suggests that the motivation for reincarnation stems from a desire to expand spiritually and help other souls awaken, emphasizing that love can supersede physical pain. The conversation also explores human beings as dynamic energy forms, needing movement to avoid stagnation. The hosts discuss how stagnation leads to apathy and contrast this with the awakened souls’ drive to outflow and contribute positively to humanity.

A significant portion of the episode is dedicated to a series of Spiritual Freedom Technique (SFT) taps, guided by Jen. These taps are designed to help you release the trauma of being born and acclimate to your physical bodies and conditions. Marvin also reads excerpts from “Jenuine Poetry for Life,” providing deeper insights into the soul’s journey and the decision to reincarnate. The episode concludes with an uplifting message, encouraging listeners to share the insights gained and to continue exploring their spiritual journey and potential.

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