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Discover the power of respect in this episode of the Daily Rejuvenation series. Explore its impact on relationships and self-worth. Join us for a transformative discussion.


Join Marvin Schneider and world renowned energy healer Jen Ward in this episode of the Daily Rejuvenation series on Jenuine Healing Down Under, where we discuss the importance of respect in today’s world. Discover how respect affects relationships, self-worth, and social media interactions. Learn how to infuse respect into your life and participate in a powerful SFT tapping session to release blocks and gain a deeper understanding of respect. Tune in every Friday at 3 PM New York time for our live streams and explore our free resources on Jenuine Healing’s website. Elevate your consciousness and help uplift humanity through respect and awareness.

Show notes

  • Introduction
    • Hosted by Marvin Schneider and Jen Ward.
    • Episode #23 of the Daily Rejuvenation series.
    • Live streams every Friday at 3 PM New York time.
    • Today’s episode explores the theme of respect.
  • The Significance of Respect
    • Discussion on the lack of respect in social media interactions.
    • The importance of respect in personal empowerment.
    • How self-respect prevents feeling belittled in interactions.
    • The concept that respect is a mutual and beneficial exchange of energy.
  • Respect and Hierarchy
    • Exploring the impact of hierarchy on how people perceive and give respect.
    • Recognizing the role of cultural differences in respect dynamics.
    • Highlighting the issue of partisanship and lack of decorum in social media.
  • Respect and Self
    • Emphasizing the value of self-respect.
    • Connecting respect and truth as mutually reinforcing qualities.
    • Promoting the idea that respect is a pathway to love.
  • The Tapping Component
    • Explanation of the tapping exercise for respect.
    • Detailed instructions for listeners to actively participate.
    • The importance of using the PB&J SFT protocol to address respect and power dynamics.
  • Resources and How to Get Involved
    • Information on accessing SFT protocols on Jenuine Healing’s website.
    • Encouragement to share, like, and subscribe to support the podcast.
    • The hosts’ commitment to the work and its potential impact on humanity.
  • Closing Thoughts
    • Reflecting on the significance of choice and respect for humanity.
    • Inviting listeners to take action and participate in uplifting humanity.
    • Announcing upcoming events and live streams for further engagement.
  • Conclusion
    • Closing remarks from Marvin Schneider and Jen Ward.
    • A reminder to tune in next time for more rejuvenation and insights.

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