Being separated from your tribe

Dive into the spiritual journey of reconnecting with your cosmic tribe and embracing Earth. Explore energy taps, healing techniques, and the essence of true belonging in the ‘Daily Rejuvenation’ series.


In episode four of the Daily Rejuvenation series on Jenuine Healing Down Under, your hosts Marvin Schneider and world-renowned energy healer, Jen Ward discuss the profound topic of feeling separated from your tribe, exploring the notion that some individuals feel they don’t belong on Earth.

In this episode, we touch upon the idea that your soul might have originated from different planets, leading some to mourn their home planet. Jen introduces transformative taps designed to help you release feelings of mourning, abandonment, and resentment towards Earth and embrace empowerment.

Whether you are new to the concept or resonating with the feelings of interstellar homesickness, this episode aims to provide both insights and tools for personal growth and spiritual freedom. Join us to help you find the path of self-healing and discover the true meaning of being ‘home.

Show notes

  1. Introduction:
    • Welcome to episode four of the daily rejuvenation series on Jenuine Healing Down Under.
    • Hosts Marvin Schneider and Jen Ward.
  2. Episode Purpose:
    • Address the concept of feeling separated from your tribe.
    • Discuss the emotional and spiritual implications of feeling alienated or misplaced on Earth.
  3. Discussion Highlights:
    • The exponential growth and sharing of the rejuvenation series.
    • Overview of content available on the Jenuine Healing website, including issue-based blog articles.
    • Explanation of terms that might be unfamiliar to newcomers.
    • Invitation to the open house for deeper discussions and understanding.
    • Importance of active participation without necessarily knowing everything upfront.
    • Introduction to upcoming masterclasses, workshops, and more intimate engagement opportunities within the Jenuine Healing community.
  4. Core Concept:
    • Addressing the sentiment of feeling separated from one’s “tribe” or place of origin.
    • Discussion on past lives, reincarnation, and the idea of souls originating from different planets.
    • Emotional mourning of being separated from one’s home planet.
  5. Personal Insights:
    • Marvin and Jen discuss personal experiences with feeling out of place on Earth and the broader implications for spiritual seekers.
    • A critique of waiting for external salvation, either from religious figures or extraterrestrial beings.
    • Emphasis on finding inner strength and realizing the savior within oneself.
  6. Tapping Session:
    • A guided tapping session led by Jen, focusing on various statements to help listeners release past traumas and embrace their current reality on Earth.
    • Addressing feelings of abandonment, resentment towards Earth and the human race, and feelings of purposelessness.
  7. Closing Thoughts:
    • Reflection on the importance of respecting and caring for the Earth.
    • Suggestions for future episodes, including reconnecting with nature.

Key quotes

  1. “You are on your home planet now because everyone who you were missing back then have incarnated somewhere on earth with you.”
  2. “Don’t wait to be saved by another alien species. The savior is within yourself.”
  3. “We are centered and empowered in living our purpose on Earth.”

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