Shine a brilliant light

Elevate your spirit with Marvin Schneider and world renowned energy healer Jen Ward as they explore shining your brilliant light within. Dive into transformative SFT taps!


In the 20th episode of the Jenuine Healing Down Under series, titled “Shine a Brilliant Light,” hosts Marvin Schneider and world renowned energy healer Jen Ward, delve into the profound concept of perceiving yourself and others as embodiments of pure light. The episode opens with a personal note as Jen discusses the improvement in her eye discomfort, attributing the relief to the pain alleviation techniques shared in the previous episode. This leads into a deeper exploration of shadow work, where Jen presents the paradox that in higher consciousness, shadows do not exist; instead, we are all essentially beings of light. The discussion underscores the importance of focusing on the light within and around you to dissipate shadows and rise above mediocrity, thereby achieving true empowerment and spiritual growth.

Jen eloquently weaves her insights with poetic grace, emphasizing the transformative power of seeing only brilliance in others as a reflection of your own luminosity. This philosophical stance is further explored through references to her poetry book, “Jenuine Poetry for Life,” which serves as a conduit for connecting with the higher self and consciousness. The episode highlights how engaging with such poetic wisdom can facilitate a deeper understanding and resonance with the universe. Additionally, the significance of SFT (Spiritual Freedom Technique) taps is discussed as a powerful tool for healing and personal empowerment, exemplifying the practical applications of Jen’s spiritual teachings.

Moreover, the episode touches upon the collaborative efforts of Jen and Marvin in republishing and introducing significant spiritual texts, including the “SFT Lexicon” and “Jenuine Poetry for Life.” These works are presented as vital resources for anyone on a spiritual journey, offering a blend of practical techniques and poetic insights for navigating the complexities of the human experience. The discussion concludes with a series of SFT taps led by Jen, aimed at releasing fear and embracing the light within, further solidifying the episode’s theme of transcending darkness and stepping into your own brilliance. This episode of “Jenuine Healing Down Under” stands as a testament to the power of spiritual awakening and the journey towards recognizing and embodying the light that exists within all of us.

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