Forgoing gossip

Learn how to break free from the damaging effects of gossip and empower yourself in this Daily Rejuvenation episode with Marvin Schneider and world renowned energy healer Jen Ward.


In the enlightening episode “Forgoing Gossip” from Jenuine Healing Down Under, hosts Marvin Schneider and world renowned energy healer Jen Ward tackle the pervasive and often destructive nature of gossip. Opening with a humorous anecdote about ‘Aunt Jess,’ they set the stage for a deeper exploration of gossip as a negative social force. Throughout the discussion, they emphasize how gossip not only diminishes personal empowerment but also serves as a barrier to genuine connections and community building. The conversation shifts to the evolution of gossip in the digital age, where it has become more insidious and widespread, especially on social media platforms. Jen and Marvin dissect the motivations behind gossip, linking it to a lack of empowerment and a misguided attempt to elevate yourself by demeaning others.

The episode takes a constructive turn as Jen and Marvin delve into practical strategies for overcoming gossip. They stress the importance of maintaining personal integrity and not succumbing to the pressure of engaging in gossip. Jen shares her experiences and insights, offering a unique technique of selective hearing and positive reinforcement to combat gossip in social settings. This approach not only helps you avoid participating in gossip but also subtly encourages gossipers to adopt a more positive mode of communication. The hosts highlight the transformative power of these techniques in shifting social dynamics towards more empowering and uplifting interactions.

The climax of the episode features a series of SFT tapping exercises, guiding you to release the urge to indulge in gossip and to shift your focus towards organic truth and higher consciousness. These exercises are designed to help you not only disengage from gossip but also to heal from the effects it may have had on you. The episode concludes with a powerful message on the importance of non-judgment and open-mindedness. By avoiding judgment, you can open yourself up to a broader range of experiences and truths, leading to richer, more fulfilling interactions and personal growth. This episode of Jenuine Healing Down Under serves as a valuable resource for anyone seeking to navigate social dynamics more mindfully and to live a more empowered, gossip-free life.

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