Techniques to remove negative thoughts

Dive into this Daily Rejuvenation episode as Jen & Marvin demystify negative thought Streams. Discover transformative techniques to elevate vibratory rates and harness positive thinking for well-being.


In the enlightening episode “Techniques to Remove Negative Thoughts” from the “Jenuine Healing Down Under” podcast, hosts Marvin Schneider and world renowned energy healer Jen Ward delve into the intricacies of managing and removing negative thoughts. Jen, with her profound insight into spiritual healing, explains the concept of negative thoughts as a jet stream, which people often catch unwittingly. She stresses the importance of self-awareness in recognizing these thoughts and choosing to focus instead on positive energies. The discussion centers around the idea that while negative thoughts are pervasive and easy to latch onto, positive thoughts require conscious effort and selection.

Jen introduces various visualization techniques as practical tools for combating negative thoughts. One such technique is imagining oneself as a bug zapper, where the zap represents the purity of one’s intention to destroy negative thoughts upon contact. She also suggests visualizing negative beliefs as a shroud that can be removed, revealing one’s true self characterized by joy, love, abundance, freedom, and success. These visualizations aim to empower listeners to actively and immediately counteract negative thoughts, thereby preventing them from taking root and affecting mental well-being.

The episode culminates with a powerful SFT (Spiritual Freedom Technique) tapping session, facilitated by Jen. This session includes a series of affirmations aimed at releasing thoughts of lower vibration and promoting a positive mindset. By repeating these affirmations while tapping on specific body parts, listeners are guided through a process of energy release and realignment. This segment of the podcast not only offers a practical exercise for listeners but also embodies the core message of the episode: the active and vigilant pursuit of positive thought patterns to achieve mental and spiritual freedom.

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