Songs for world peace

Join Marvin & Jen in using song to promote peace & empowerment, tapping into the spirit of the ’60s & ’70s to heal the world’s energy.


In this unique and heartfelt episode titled “Songs for World Peace,” Marvin Schneider and Jen Ward of the Jenuine Healing family orchestrate a musical gathering inspired by the song fests of the ’60s and ’70s. As the world finds itself entangled in complex social and political issues, including a controversial election in Russia and global calls for peace, this episode serves as a beacon of hope and unity. Recorded on March 17,2024, a pivotal moment in global politics, the episode is more than a musical event; it’s a timely intervention using song to champion world peace and empowerment at a universal level.

Marvin and Jen, along with members of the Jenuine Healing community, tap into the collective memory and energy of past peace movements, using their voices to transcend current challenges. They draw parallels between the anti-war songs of the past and today’s struggles, emphasizing the enduring power of music as a tool for societal change. This episode underscores the belief that song and sound frequencies can dismantle the energies of war, oppression, and autocracy, fostering a world where love, peace, and empowerment reign supreme. The group’s dedication to this cause is evident as they engage in group singing and tapping sessions, aiming to heal the world’s ailments through collective positive intentions.

“Songs for World Peace” is not just an episode; it’s a movement, inviting viewers to reconnect with the spirit of peace activism that characterized the ’60s and ’70s. By revisiting the era’s musical protests against war and injustice, Marvin, Jen, and their community hope to ignite a modern-day peace movement. Their message is clear: everyone has the power to contribute to global healing through the simple act of singing for peace. This episode is a call to action, encouraging individuals around the world to use their voices and energy in the service of peace, proving that, together, we can overcome the shadows of conflict and division to build a brighter, more harmonious future.


00:00:00 Welcome and Introduction
00:01:22 Reviving the 60s and 70s Peace Movement Through Song
00:02:10 The Power of Song: A Tool for Empowerment and Protest
00:04:02 The Importance of Singing for Empowerment
00:06:19 The Spiritual and Healing Power of Song
00:10:54 Breaking Free from Linear Trajectories and Embracing Sound Frequency
00:15:55 The Journey of Empowerment Through Song
00:16:31 A Personal Reflection on Singing and Empowerment
00:21:06 The Collective Singing Session Begins
00:33:07 Exploring the Impact of Song on Spirituality and Empowerment
00:39:17 Concluding Thoughts on Unity, Peace, and the Power of Song
00:46:31 A Journey Through Music and Emotion
00:48:42 A Message of Hope and Encouragement Through Song
00:49:43 Soothing Lullabies and Personal Reflections
00:53:40 Exploring the Depths of Love and War in Song
01:11:13 A Musical Tribute to Nature and the Simple Joys of Life
01:24:17 Closing Thoughts: The Collective Power of Music

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