Transcend the israel-palestine conflict

Join Jen Ward and Marvin Schneider in a transformative group SFT tapping session, focusing on healing and unity to transcend the Israel-Palestine conflict with empathy and spiritual insight.


The “Transcend the Israel-Palestine Conflict” event stands as being profound and spiritually resonant in the realm of energy healing and collective consciousness. Guided by the empathetic and insightful world renowned energy healer Jen Ward, alongside Marvin Schneider, this event delves into the complex and longstanding conflict between Israel and Palestine. Rather than approaching it from a political or intellectual standpoint, Jen and Marvin channel their efforts into a group SFT (Spiritual Freedom Technique) tapping session, aiming to extract and dissolve the psychic energy perpetuating this conflict. This approach embodies a heart-centered, nonpartisan method, focusing on transcending hate and division, and fostering a sense of connectedness and unity among all participants.

Throughout the episode, Jen and Marvin emphasize the collective nature of energy work and the power of group intention in healing and consciousness-raising. This unique event is not just about individual healing but extends its reach to uplift billions, following the spiritual law of unity where collective efforts exponentially magnify the impact. The event, part of the Jenuine Healing community’s regular practices, underscores the importance of participating in energy work to address global issues. Participants from around the world join this session, contributing to a significant shift in consciousness and demonstrating the potency of collective spiritual efforts in tackling deep-rooted conflicts.

The event also highlights the broader implications of such energy work. Jen and Marvin discuss how entrenched issues like global warming, ecological crises, and various forms of conflict can’t be resolved solely at the mental level, advocating for a heart-based solution rooted in energy. They propose that true change and resolution come from transcending dualities within us and tapping into higher realms of consciousness. The session concludes with a sense of hope and empowerment, offering listeners insights into their own spiritual journey and encouraging active participation in collective healing endeavors. This episode is a testament to the power of unity in healing and a call to action for those seeking to contribute to global peace and understanding.

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