Transcend the Israel-Palestine conflict

Watch this transformative live stream event hosted by Marvin Schneider and world-renowned energy healer Jen Ward to heal the Israel-Palestine conflict energetically.


On October 13th, 2023, a transformative live stream event took place to address the age-old Israel-Palestine conflict through an unprecedented lens: the Spiritual Freedom Technique (SFT) tapping.

Facilitated by Marvin Schneider and world renowned energy healer, Jen Ward, this approach delved deep into the energetic roots of the conflict, targeting ancient karmic ties, patterns of abuse, and cycles of retribution.

As participants worldwide join in unison, this collective act magnified the healing potential, aspiring not just for regional harmony but also countering global powers that fuel conflicts.

Whether you are familiar with energy healing or are seeking a novel perspective on global peace, this event offered profound insights into genuine reconciliation. Tap into a movement that challenges narratives, emphasizing that true peace begins at the energy level. Join us in a collective journey towards global harmony.

Show notes

  1. Introduction
    • Welcome by Marvin Schneider.
    • Introduction to Jen Ward, world renowned energy healer.
  2. Purpose of the Session
    • To use group SFT tapping to remove the psychic energy surrounding the Israel-Palestine conflict.
    • Emphasis on the non-partisan nature of the event.
  3. Background and Observations
    • Mention of the conflict’s historical context.
    • Observations about the conflict’s representation in 24/7 news channels.
  4. The Role of Energy Work
    • Discussion of how the mind’s approach can’t solve such conflicts.
    • Importance of a heart-based solution and energy work to address and heal such deep-rooted issues.
  5. Jenuine Healing Community
    • Mention of the benefits of being part of the Jenuine Healing community.
    • How to join the Jenuine Healing community.
  6. About the SFT Protocols
    • Brief history and creation of the SFT protocols by Jen Ward with the help of her spirit guides, the adepts.
    • Mention of the SFT Lexicon book and how to access the four primary SFT protocols for free.
  7. The Tapping Procedure
    • Detailed explanation of the tapping technique.
    • Jen Ward leads the group through the series of SFT taps.
  8. Conclusion and Call-to-Action
    • Marvin thanks participants in the studio and online.
    • Encouragement to share the event, subscribe, and stay updated on future events.
    • Teaser about the upcoming Akashic Record reading event.
  9. Resources
    • For details on the event and a full list of SFT taps, please click here.

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