Overriding the call to war

Experience a transformative journey of collective healing and spiritual awakening as we disrupt global conflict through higher consciousness and SFT tapping.


The Overriding the Call to War event, hosted by Marvin Schneider and world renowned energy healer Jen Ward in September 2022, was a pivotal group SFT (Spiritual Freedom Technique) tapping session. It focused on countering the global momentum towards conflict, particularly highlighted by events such as the Russian invasion of Ukraine earlier that year. The session aimed to elevate collective consciousness and address the underlying energies fueling global conflicts.

During the event, participants engaged in various SFT tapping protocols, a method developed by Jen Ward, designed to tap into the higher self and express intentions energetically. This approach transcends traditional diplomatic solutions, targeting the root consciousness issues behind global conflicts. The emphasis was on collective empowerment over the interests of a few power-driven individuals.

Key moments included powerful tapping protocols, and discussions on the importance of collective action in energy work. Jen Ward likened participants to figures like Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr., emphasizing the profound impact of individual intentions for collective betterment. The session served as a call to action for collective participation in energy work, addressing not only global issues but also facilitating personal healing and spiritual growth.

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