Ghosts, ghouls & goblins

Release being called upon by the angel of death, finding spiritual freedom and empowerment in this transformative group SFT tapping event on the portal of Halloween.


The “Ghosts, Ghouls & Goblins” group SFT tapping event was a unique and spiritually enriching session led by world renowned energy healer Jen Ward and Marvin Schneider. This event focused on the spiritual practice of SFT (Spiritual Freedom Technique) tapping, a method used to release negative energies and emotional blockages. The event was held during Halloween, a time often associated with heightened spiritual activity, making it an opportune moment to address and clear various deep-seated fears and traumas.

During the session, Jen and Marvin engaged in a series of SFT tapping exercises aimed at releasing a wide range of fears and negative experiences. These included fears of being haunted, trauma from past lives, and various forms of physical and emotional suffering. The exercises were designed to be inclusive, allowing participants from the Jenuine Healing community and other viewers streaming the event to join in and experience the healing benefits of the taps. This communal approach to healing emphasized the power of collective energy work.

The event also featured personal stories and insights from Jen and Marvin, adding depth and relatability to the session. Jen shared her own experiences with spiritual encounters and offered perspectives on how to connect with and understand the presence of ghosts, providing a more nuanced view of the spiritual world. Marvin’s contributions grounded the session, helping to bridge the spiritual practices with practical application in daily life. Overall, the event was a profound experience that combined personal anecdotes, spiritual teachings, and active participation in energy healing practices.


00:00:00 Welcome to Jenuine Healing Down Under!
00:05:17 Introducing the Group SFT Tapping Event
00:06:54 Connecting with Ghosts: Personal Stories
00:12:45 Releasing Deep Traumas
00:19:26 A Deep Dive into Past Life Traumas
00:44:25 Empowerment Against Dark Forces
00:47:42 Understanding and Challenging Spiritual Beings
00:50:20 Insights on Death and Transition
00:53:11 Confronting Societal and Personal Horrors
00:56:55 Addressing Specific Forms of Abuse and Suffering
01:11:07 A Call to Action for Inner and World Peace
01:19:12 Reflections and Community Engagement

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