Introduction to deep healing through Jen Ward

Discover transformative healing with Jen Ward and witness a journey from struggle to freedom, revealing how deep healing can change lives.


In the transformative event, “Introduction to Deep Healing Through Jen Ward,” participants embarked on a profound journey into the realms of energy healing, guided by the renowned healer Jen Ward, alongside Marvin Schneider and Kathy McClare. This seminar aimed to enlighten and empower individuals by unveiling the intricacies of deep, personal healing processes, showcasing how energy healing can address not just physical ailments but deeply rooted emotional and spiritual blockages. Kathy McClare, a transformation coach, shared her life-changing experience, illustrating the significant, positive impacts of Jen Ward’s unique healing methods on her health and overall well-being, highlighting the transformative potential of these techniques.

Jen Ward’s approach, deeply empathetic yet powerfully effective, draws upon her extensive understanding of past traumas, ancestral burdens, and the complex interplay between our physical and energetic selves. Through engaging discussions and personal testimonies, Jen elucidated how unresolved issues from our past lives or ancestral lineage could manifest as current life challenges, inhibiting our growth and happiness. Her method, involving the SFT (Spiritual Freedom Technique) tapping, aims at releasing these deep-seated blockages, facilitating a journey towards healing, self-discovery, and liberation from the cycles of pain and suffering.

The event served not only as an introduction to energy healing but also as a beacon of hope for many seeking alternative paths to wellness and fulfillment. The conversations between Jen, Marvin, and Kathy offered insightful revelations about the nature of healing and personal evolution, encouraging participants to explore their inner worlds and confront their shadows with love and acceptance. This seminar underscored the power of energy healing in transforming lives, advocating for a holistic approach to wellness that integrates the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our being, leading us towards a more harmonious and joyful existence.


00:00:00 Welcome and Introduction to Deep Healing
00:00:27 Kathy McClare's Transformation Journey
00:03:17 Jen Ward's Insights on Past Lives and Core Issues
00:11:04 Understanding and Applying SFT Tapping
00:23:07 The Power of Private Sessions with Jen
00:32:13 Expanding Understanding and Healing
00:42:40 Closing Thoughts and Gratitude

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