Global healing for Israel-Palestine peace

Add your synergy to the global initiative to heal the deep seated entanglements in the Israel-Palestine conflict as a seedbed to world peace.


In an inspiring display of compassion and a deep-seated desire for global harmony, Marvin Schneider and world renowned energy healer Jen Ward, alongside a group of dedicated individuals, convened for a pivotal group SFT tapping event titled “Global Healing for Israel-Palestine Peace.” This event, a sequel to their earlier session aimed at transcending the Israel-Palestine conflict, was not just an exercise in energy healing but a powerful testament to the human spirit’s capacity for empathy, love, and the relentless pursuit of peace. Through a series of over 80 carefully crafted SFT tapping exercises, participants worked to energetically dismantle the layers of conflict, suffering, and division, focusing on universal empowerment and healing beyond the boundaries of education, race, or religion.

Marvin and Jen approached this delicate subject with humility, acknowledging their own learning journey while emphasizing the importance of action over inaction. Their method transcends traditional conflict resolution techniques by operating from a higher level of consciousness, aiming to neutralize partisanship and instead nurture a space of non-judgmental support and empowerment. This approach underscores the interconnectedness of all human experiences, suggesting that the resolution of the Israel-Palestine conflict could serve as a catalyst for resolving broader human discord. Participants were guided to tap into their innate power to contribute to global healing, moving beyond mere intellectual understanding to effect change at an energetic level.

The “Global Healing for Israel-Palestine Peace” event is a clarion call to all of humanity to rise above the fray of divisiveness and to contribute energetically towards a world where peace prevails over conflict. By engaging in this group SFT tapping session, participants not only aimed to send healing vibrations to the heart of a long-standing geopolitical struggle but also set a precedent for how collective, conscious action can pave the way for profound global transformation. Jen and Marvin’s leadership, coupled with the participants’ willingness to be vessels of change, embodies a beacon of hope—a reminder that peace begins with the courage to transcend our limitations and the willingness to heal not just ourselves, but our world.

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