Saving Ukraine from Putin

Join Marvin Schneider & Jen Ward in a powerful event to dismantle tyranny and empower global freedom through energy healing and SFT tapping.


In an unprecedented display of spiritual and energetic defiance, Marvin Schneider and world renowned energy healer Jen Ward led a powerful Jenuine Healing group SFT tapping event titled “Saving Ukraine from Putin.” This transformative session wasn’t just an event; it was a clarion call to the world, urging the collective consciousness to rise against the shadow of tyranny cast by autocrats like Putin. With a fusion of profound energy work and the resonant power of SFT tapping, Jen and Marvin embarked on a mission to dismantle the illusion of invincibility surrounding dictators, aiming to liberate not just Ukraine but the spirit of empowerment across the globe.

The event was a deep dive into the realms of spiritual liberation and energy healing, designed to awaken the dormant powers within each individual and the collective. Through a series of over 100 SFT taps, participants were guided to confront their inner limitations and the external forces of oppression, effectively cutting through the dense fabric of fear and submission. Jen Ward, with her unparalleled insight into the dynamics of energy and healing, along with Marvin Schneider’s steadfast presence, created a space where healing translated into a form of active resistance against autocracy, heralding a new dawn of universal empowerment and freedom.

“Saving Ukraine from Putin” transcended the traditional boundaries of healing workshops, marking a significant moment in the movement towards global spiritual awakening. This event was not just about saving a nation from the clutches of a tyrant; it was about redefining the narrative of power, from one of domination and control to one of love, empowerment, and collective liberation. As the echoes of this event ripple through the energy planes, the message is clear: humanity stands at the threshold of a new era, where the chains of tyranny are broken by the unyielding power of spiritual unity and healing.

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