Taking up the mantle of Bill Browder part 2

Marvin Schneider and world renowned energy healer Jen Ward continue Bill Browder’s fight against corruption, transmuting oppression into integrity and introducing the Declaration of Universal Interdependence for a unified world.


In this transformative Jenuine Healing group SFT tapping event, Marvin Schneider and world renowned energy healer Jen Ward continue their powerful work of taking up the mantle of Bill Browder’s fight against corruption and authoritarianism. The hosts dive deep into the urgent need for a collective awakening and action to preserve democracy and defeat oppressive regimes.

Through a series of potent SFT tapping sequences, the energy of corruption, misconduct, and oppression is transmuted into integrity, justice, and global unity. Jen and Marvin also introduce the groundbreaking Declaration of Universal Interdependence, a grassroots movement that reimagines human interaction for universal empowerment.

This thought-provoking video will leave you inspired and empowered to join the fight for a more just, transparent, and unified world. Get ready to pierce through resistance, embrace higher consciousness, and become a leader in the collective awakening!

Quotable Quotes

“That resistance that you’re piercing is the same resistance that is preventing you in your individual life from achieving the joy, love, abundance, freedom, health, and wellness that you deserve.”

“People who are actually doing taps don’t understand it. At one level, they don’t understand the ramifications of how they are really assisting humanity and the mass awakening everybody.”

“Donald Trump is not the savior. So if you’ve got that as an idea, you’re on the wrong side of history.”

“We’re simply going in and taking from them what is not theirs. We’re not interfering in their psychic space at all. This is actually really clean energy.”

“We need to throw that sieve away and reimagine the fundamental foundations, and then build the house on solid foundations and that’s what’s going on.”


00:00:00 Introduction and Recap of Part 1
00:02:13 Resistance to Addressing Kleptocracies
00:04:12 Disappointing First Presidential Debate
00:09:23 Putin's Nefarious Agenda and Bill Browder's Work
00:13:38 Shifting to Broader Concerns in Part 2
00:20:21 Beginning the SFT Tapping Sequences
00:35:42 The Beauty of These Taps
00:41:44 All Trauma Inflicted by Authoritarian Regimes Healed
00:51:52 Structures Enabling Unethical Practices Collapsed
01:04:04 Universal Oppression Transmuted into Empowerment
01:08:07 The Covalence Bond Between Autocrats Broken
01:11:41 Global Unity and Cooperation as Universal Law
01:14:23 Intensity of the Tapping Sequences
01:16:30 Perspectives from Participants
01:21:56 The Declaration of Universal Interdependence
01:30:45 The Need to Reimagine Human Interaction
01:35:00 Wrapping Up and Closing Thoughts

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