Holding the Supreme Court to account

Explore a unique blend of spiritual healing and political activism as Jen Ward and Marvin Schneider address Supreme Court issues through SFT tapping techniques.


In a groundbreaking group SFT tapping event, world renowned energy healer Jen Ward and Marvin Schneider of Jenuine Healing tackle the pressing issues surrounding the US Supreme Court and its impact on democracy. This powerful video combines spiritual healing techniques with political activism, offering viewers a unique perspective on addressing systemic problems through energetic means.

Throughout the event, Jen and Marvin guide participants through a series of SFT taps designed to shift consciousness around various aspects of the judicial system and government. They address topics such as religious influence in politics, the MAGA agenda, and the need for judicial accountability. The hosts emphasize the importance of active participation in shaping a better future and introduce the concept of reimagining the Constitution for Universal Empowerment.

One of the key takeaways from this session is the power of love and finding common ground as a means to convey truth and create change. Jen and Marvin stress the importance of self-accountability in higher consciousness as an alternative to fear-based control systems. This video serves as both an educational tool and a call to action for those seeking to make a positive impact on society through spiritual and energetic means.

Quotable Quotes

“Get into the game people. That’s all you got to do.”

“The ideal of the Supreme Court is getting confused with the realization of the Supreme Court.”

“What we’re doing here is offering people a venue to use their intentions to say in energy, we don’t agree with this.”

“With supreme power comes supreme responsibility.”

“The mandates of higher consciousness aren’t fear-based, they’re love based.”

“Quit butting heads with people and just learn how to love them and respect them where they are.”

“Jamie Raskin, your real purpose is to rewrite the new Constitution for Universal Empowerment.”

“It’s beautiful to see all these attempts to desecrate truth and to desecrate the Constitution and him and others go in fighting.”

“We’re literally shifting the narrative.”


00:00:00 Introduction and Purpose of the Tapping Session
00:03:56 Explanation of Tapping Technique and Process
00:12:00 Addressing Supreme Court Issues and MAGA Agenda
00:20:00 Religious Influence in Government and Judicial System
00:29:27 Accountability and Self-Regulation in Higher Consciousness
00:39:55 Psychic Energy and Its Impact on Democracy
00:50:51 Judicial Integrity and Removal of Corrupt Judges
01:00:00 Protection of Secular Rights and Democracy
01:10:00 Harmonizing Polarities and Embracing Higher Consciousness
01:20:00 Infusing Compassion and Integrity into the Judicial System
01:30:00 Shifting Paradigms and Alleviating Suffering
01:40:00 Interconnectedness and Divine Love in Consciousness
01:45:45 Declaration of Universal Interdependence
01:50:00 Reimagining the Constitution for Universal Empowerment
01:53:35 Closing Remarks and Call to Action

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