Taking up the mantle of Bill Browder part 1

Participate in this transformative group SFT tapping event to support truth advocate Bill Browder’s efforts in holding accountable enablers of Russia’s war in Ukraine, focusing on shifting global consciousness towards peace and abundance.


In this powerful group SFT tapping event, Marvin Schneider and world renowned energy healer Jen Ward join forces to support the tireless efforts of truth advocate Bill Browder in holding accountable those enabling Russia’s war in Ukraine. The duo dives deep into the energetic realm, focusing their intentions on specific oil refineries, banks, and financial institutions that are actively undermining global sanctions against Putin’s regime.

Marvin and Jen emphasize the crucial role of individual participation in shifting global consciousness towards a more peaceful, loving, and abundant world. They shed light on the immense challenges and energetic attacks faced by truth advocates like Browder, who courageously stand up against oppressive powers.

Through their tapping, Jen and Marvin are stripping away the energy and influence of corrupt entities, while simultaneously uplifting humanity with vibrations of love, joy, and abundance. They invite viewers to join in this transformative process, reminding us that every person’s contribution matters in the grand scheme of creating a better world.

Quotable Quotes

“The higher the vantage point the more effective you are, but we’re just coming down a little bit in vantage point to meet the necessities of the times.”

“It’s hard work being on the cutting edge of being an advocate of truth and being out there orchestrating change at a pretty profound level.”

“I work 24/7 to dissipate that psychic attacks that are targeting individuals by prayer or by an onslaught of weaponizing prayer.”

“The work that we’re doing here is what is nudging humanity in the right direction.”

“It’s a little bit like imagine a big energy putting its finger on these entities and the people behind them and pinning them down and and pushing them up against the wall.”

“We’re stripping them down to universal truth and they can’t handle the truth.”

“I can guarantee you that Bill and his cohort have made a lot of money from their dealings in Russia before he got caught up in the nefarious aspects of the whole Putin regime. But better a latter day saint than a perpetual sinner”

“No matter where you are on your path, you can’t stay where you are because of shame of truth coming out. We’ve all been murdered, been murderers, we’ve all lied.”


00:00:00 Introduction and Context
00:03:13 The Twin Aspect of the Light of God
00:05:45 Doing Taps at Two Levels
00:13:21 Someone Out There is Asking
00:17:17 Mechanics of the Group Tapping Event
00:21:20 Beginning the Tapping Session
00:30:47 Commentary on Taps and Their Significance
00:41:15 Continuing the Tapping Session
01:05:00 The Importance of Purifying Institutions
01:07:58 Tapping Resumes with More Commentary
01:32:27 Closing Thoughts and Reflections
01:35:08 The Importance of Continuing These Events
01:39:03 Finding Evidence in Nature and Upcoming Events
01:41:50 Trump's Sentencing as a Portal for Accountability
01:43:17 Participants Share Their Experiences
01:51:18 Wrapping Up and Call to Action

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