Exposing Putin

Marvin & Jen discuss the tragic fate of Navalny, holding Putin accountable and emphasizing the power of collective energy work for justice.


In an inspiring episode of Jenuine Healing Down Under, hosts Marvin Schneider and world renowned energy healer Jen Ward take their healing mission outdoors, embracing the community spirit at a local park while celebrating Taylor Swift’s sold-out concerts in their country. They not only share in the joy of Swift’s success but also extend their support through the symbolic gesture of distributing friendship bracelets, embodying the spirit of kindness, creativity, and upliftment that they advocate. This episode delves into the significant work Jen and Marvin do in shielding truth advocates like Swift from orchestrated negative energies, showcasing their commitment to protecting those who bring light into the world.

The conversation takes a deeper turn as they discuss the broader implications of their energy work, drawing connections between their efforts and major real-world outcomes, such as the success of Jen’s favorite football team, the Chiefs, in a thrilling Super Bowl match. This episode highlights the causative relationship between energy work and tangible reality, reinforcing the idea that the work Jen and Marvin do extends beyond the individual to have global consequences. Their discussion on the protection of public figures against malevolent forces serves as a testament to their belief in the power of positive energy to counteract negativity and foster universal empowerment.

Moreover, the episode courageously addresses the darker aspects of global leadership, focusing on the actions of autocrats like Putin and the tragic fate of truth advocate Alexei Navalny, to underline the importance of collective empowerment in the face of tyranny. Through their energy work, including SFT tapping and group sessions, Jen and Marvin aim to dismantle the fear and control exerted by such figures, redistributing energy back to individuals. By encouraging viewers to engage in silent protests and energy work from their own spaces, they promote a message of empowerment, resilience, and hope, urging everyone to reclaim their power and envision a world free of oppression and filled with empowerment for all.

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