Justice for all

Experience transformative healing with Jen Ward & Marvin Schneider in “Justice for All,” a group SFT tapping event during the 2024 solar eclipse. Tap into collective empowerment & healing.


On April 8, 2024, a remarkable group SFT tapping event titled “Justice for All” was held on the portal of the total solar eclipse in Rochester, NY, facilitated by the renowned energy healer Jen Ward and Marvin Schneider. This profound event was not merely a gathering but a monumental occasion, aligning with the cosmic energies of the total solar eclipse, an event that transformed Rochester into a vibrant hub of spiritual activity. The eclipse, lasting for an extraordinary 3 minutes and 28 seconds, served as a powerful backdrop for this unique tapping session. The facilitators aimed to harness the celestial event’s energies to catalyze a collective shift towards enlightenment and spiritual freedom, steering humanity away from the darkness of ignorance and towards a new dawn of awareness and empowerment.

Jen Ward’s insights during the event highlighted the collective sense of anticipation and the profound spiritual significance of the eclipse. She articulated how the event symbolized the “coming of enlightenment,” aiming to elevate humanity from the residual shadows of the dark ages into a state of higher consciousness. This shift was not just about the cessation of ignorance but an awakening to the interconnectedness of all beings, promoting a sense of unity, respect, and accountability towards each other and the planet. Participants from around the globe, through a mix of live and virtual attendance, tapped into this transformative energy, engaging in SFT (Spiritual Freedom Technique) tapping sessions that were specifically designed to address deep-seated issues of justice, accountability, and empowerment on both individual and collective levels.

The tapping event was structured around nearly 200 powerful affirmations, meticulously crafted to resonate with the energies of the eclipse and to facilitate profound shifts in consciousness. Participants were guided to tap on various body parts while vocalizing these affirmations, a process aimed at bypassing the ego and accessing higher realms of awareness. This method was not only a journey through personal healing and empowerment but also a collective effort to uplift humanity, addressing systemic issues of justice and accountability, particularly within the North American justice system. The event stood as a testament to the power of collective intention and the potential for spiritual practices to initiate significant transformations, both within individuals and in the wider fabric of society, heralding a new era of universal empowerment and enlightened justice.


00:00:00 Welcome to the Group SFT Tapping Event: Justice for All
00:00:26 Understanding the Solar Eclipse and Its Significance
00:01:14 The Power of Enlightenment and Shifting Humanity
00:02:11 The Global Impact of the Solar Eclipse Event
00:03:23 Introducing the Zoom Call Participants
00:03:45 Exploring Discomfort and the Illusion of Physicality
00:05:56 The Journey of SFT Tapping Begins
00:06:49 Addressing Justice and Accountability
00:08:31 The Mechanics of SFT Tapping Explained
00:10:26 Embarking on a Series of Transformative Taps
00:12:58 Shifting Energies and Breaking Through Resistance
00:32:54 Tapping into Universal Empowerment and Purpose
00:36:35 Eradicating Negative Energies and Embracing Source
00:52:42 Concluding Thoughts on Empowerment and Accountability
00:55:45 Awakening Humanity's Core
00:56:37 Eliminating Accountability Sidesteps
00:57:23 Eradicating Genuflection to Universal Constructs
00:58:45 Addressing the Moral Compass in Governance
00:59:18 Judicial System and Accountability Reforms
01:01:18 The Power of Self-Governance and Integrity
01:07:20 A Moment of Totality
01:12:11 Resuming Focus on Judicial and Moral Accountability
01:36:21 Elevating Consciousness and Accountability
01:40:55 Addressing Overpopulation and Human Impact
01:45:52 Empowering Higher Consciousness and Accountability
01:50:24 Eradicating Old Consciousness and Empowerment Myths
01:52:56 Breaking Free from Passive Expectations
01:53:15 Shifting from Salvation to Self-Empowerment
01:53:53 Planting Seeds of Empowerment
01:54:33 The End of Self-Serving Behaviors
01:55:03 Global Awakening and the Upgrade of Understanding
01:56:06 Converting Needs into Assistance for Others
01:58:38 Releasing the Grip of Ignorance and Greed
02:02:47 Eradicating Indifference and Greed
02:03:59 Eliminating Psychic Control and Corruption
02:06:43 Acknowledging and Respecting All Forms of Life
02:10:36 Empowering Humanity Through Conscious Effort
02:14:02 Eradicating Self-Entitlement and Ritualistic Practices
02:18:26 Upgrading Humanity's Consciousness
02:23:54 Fostering a Paradigm Shift in Humanity
02:25:03 Utilizing Genius for the Betterment of All
02:35:49 Empowering Collective Awakening and Purpose
02:36:47 Reflecting on the Impact and Moving Forward

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