Freeing the world of Kim’s blight

Join us for a session that dives deep into dismantling Kim Jong-Un’s legacy, offering healing and a pathway to global liberation through SFT tapping.


In an extraordinary leap year gathering, Marvin Schneider and Jen Ward host a transformative group SFT tapping event titled “Freeing the World of Kim’s Blight.” This session is not just another spiritual exercise; it’s a revolutionary journey aimed at dismantling the oppressive legacy left by Kim Jong-Un and his predecessors. By engaging directly with the energy and history of one of the world’s most notorious dictators, this event seeks to liberate not only the people directly affected by his regime but also the collective consciousness from the chains of tyranny and despair.

Marvin and Jen delve into the complexities of Kim’s persona, revealing a figure who is not merely a dictator but a lost soul ensnared in a legacy of power and corruption. Through the powerful and empathetic lens of SFT tapping, participants are invited to join in a collective effort to heal and transform the energies tied to the Kim dynasty. The session is designed to address the dictator’s impact on both a personal and global scale, offering unique vibrations and affirmations aimed at undoing the damage inflicted by three generations of the Kim family.

This innovative event is a call to arms for those who believe in the power of collective healing and the potential for spiritual techniques to address global issues. Participants are given the opportunity to contribute their energy towards a greater cause, aiming to release North Korea and the world from the grip of oppression. Through over 120 SFT taps, the session embarks on an ambitious mission to untangle the twisted plans of a twisted mind, offering a beacon of hope and empowerment in a time of widespread uncertainty and suffering.

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