Healing frequencies for the body and soul

Discover healing & spiritual awakening with Jen Ward at Healing Frequencies for the Body and Soul. Transform energy, unlock potential, & find joy.


“Healing Frequencies for the Body and Soul” is a transformative Jenuine Healing Open House event hosted by the renowned energy healer Jen Ward and Marvin Schneider, designed to guide participants through a journey of deep healing and spiritual awakening. This unique gathering promises an immersive experience into the world of energetic healing, offering attendees the opportunity to explore the profound effects of energy taps, a technique pioneered by Jen Ward. Through these taps, participants will learn to release blockages, rejuvenate their energy systems, and achieve a state of holistic well-being.

At the heart of this event lies the opportunity to experience firsthand the power of healing frequencies tailored for both the body and the soul. Jen and Marvin will lead participants through a series of carefully curated taps that are hot off the press, addressing specific needs of the physical body while also catering to overall health. This session is not just about healing; it’s about empowering attendees to maintain their own energetic hygiene, promoting a life filled with harmony, vitality, and freedom from past limitations.

Moreover, “Healing Frequencies for the Body and Soul” is a community gathering of like-minded individuals seeking to elevate their consciousness and embrace a life of greater joy and authenticity. Jen and Marvin’s empathetic and insightful guidance ensures a welcoming environment for all, regardless of one’s experience with energy healing. This open house is an invitation to transform your life, unlock your potential, and connect with your true essence in a space of love, acceptance, and mutual support. Join us on this journey to discover how healing frequencies can not only heal but also enrich your life in ways you never imagined.


00:00:00 Welcome to the Open House!
00:01:01 Checking In and Sharing Experiences
00:10:03 Diving Into the Healing Taps Session
00:21:36 The Transformational Journey of Dragon Healing
00:32:52 Exploring the Power of Singing to Nature
00:35:39 The Healing Effects of Singing with Loved Ones
00:38:21 Navigating Dietary Changes and Health Challenges
00:40:38 Reflecting on the Housing Market's Challenges
00:47:34 Personal Stories and the Search for Home
00:53:16 Driving Adventures and Learning Experiences
00:58:25 Harnessing Energy for Protection and Healing

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