Pushing the envelope

Jen Ward shares her journey from rejection to empowerment, urging healers to use their gifts fearlessly and transform lives.


In this inspiring video titled “Pushing the Envelope,” Jen Ward, a world-renowned energy healer, shares her deeply personal and transformative journey, reflecting on the stark evolution of social media from a platform of trust and camaraderie to its current state as a competitive and sometimes hostile business arena. This narrative isn’t just a commentary on digital culture; it’s a mirror to Jen’s own life experiences, marked by severe family rejection and the discovery of her profound healing abilities. Born into adversity, she was cursed by her mother at birth and grew up amidst hatred from her siblings. Yet, it was through these trials that Jen found her unique voice and strength, channeling her experiences into a powerful force for helping others.

Jen’s message extends a heartfelt invitation to fellow healers, energy workers, and channelers, urging them to transcend their limitations and societal expectations. She emphasizes the importance of fearlessly using your gifts, regardless of potential judgment or rejection. Through her narrative, Jen illustrates how overcoming personal obstacles and harnessing your inner power can not only transform your life but can ripple out to effect global change. Her journey from being undervalued and abused to recognizing her ability to move energy and facilitate deep healing underscores a universal truth: that healing yourself can become a conduit for healing humanity.

The video culminates in a powerful call to action for energy workers and healers to push the envelope and elevate their practice to new heights. Jen passionately argues that stepping into your power and utilizing your gifts is not just an act of personal liberation but a necessary step towards uplifting humanity. Her conviction that individual healing can impact billions serves as a beacon of hope and a testament to the untapped potential within each healer. Jen Ward’s story is not just about overcoming adversity; it’s a compelling narrative that encourages every viewer to recognize their inherent worth and capacity to contribute to a larger, collective healing.

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