Transcend primal mode

Discover how to transcend primal instincts and reclaim your sovereignty and empowerment in this episode of the Daily Rejuvenation series Marvin Schneider and Jen Ward. Tune in now!


Welcome to another episode of the Daily Rejuvenation series on Jenuine Healing Down Under with your hosts Marvin Schneider and world renowned energy healer, Jen Ward. In this episode, we delve into the primal aspects of human nature. Jen and Marvin discuss how we, like animals, have primal instincts deeply embedded within us. These instincts can be both comforting and limiting, as they influence our behaviors and responses to the world.

Jen Ward explains the importance of transcending primal modes in order to gain clarity, discernment, and empowerment. She highlights the manipulation of these primal instincts in marketing and media, shedding light on how societal pressures can trap individuals in a constant cycle of seeking pleasure to compensate for a sense of unhappiness. By doing SFT (Spiritual Freedom Technique) taps together, they guide you to release primal triggers and awaken their empowerment.

Join Jen and Marvin on this insightful journey to understanding and transcending primal instincts. Tune in to discover how these taps can help you break free from the fight or flight mode, make more conscious choices, and reclaim your true power for healing and growth. Don’t forget to share this episode to help others begin their own healing journey.

Show notes


  • Hosts: Marvin Schneider and Jen Ward
  • Episode number 10 in the Daily Rejuvenation series
  • Purpose of the series: Healing the body, mind, and soul
  • Acknowledgment and appreciation for listeners

Understanding Primal Instincts:

  • Discussion on the primal nature of humans and animals
  • Explanation of how primal instincts influence behavior
  • Jen Ward’s insights into transcending primal modes for personal growth

Manipulation of Primal Instincts:

  • Exposing how marketing and media manipulate primal instincts
  • The concept of seeking pleasure as a compensation for unhappiness
  • Examples of commercials and societal pressures that tap into primal memories

SFT Tapping for Transcendence:

  • Introduction to SFT (Spiritual Freedom Technique) taps
  • The importance of knocking people out of primal mode
  • Guided SFT tapping session to release primal triggers
  • The significance of discernment and empowerment

Conclusion and Call to Action:

  • Reiteration of the purpose of the podcast and series
  • Encouragement for listeners to share the episode for wider impact
  • Invitation to tune in to future episodes for continued healing and growth
  • Expression of gratitude and love for the audience

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