Embracing your shadows to find your shine

A journey of transformation, from shadows to light, guided by Jen Ward’s healing, unlocking profound self-love and liberation.


This video unfolds as a transformative journey with world-renowned energy healer, Jen Ward, guiding the client through a deeply healing private session. This session is a profound exploration into the realms of personal shadows – the unresolved trauma, guilt, and fears that have lingered in the client’s energy field, possibly spanning across lifetimes. Jen’s empathetic approach, combined with her intuitive healing techniques, creates a safe space for the client to confront these shadows, not with fear, but with the heart of a warrior ready for liberation. The session meticulously uncovers layers of emotional burdens, each tied to past experiences and actions that have contributed to a present state of spiritual and emotional stagnation.

Throughout the session, Jen employs a variety of energetic healing modalities, including the powerful technique of SFT (Spiritual Freedom Technique) tapping, to assist the client in releasing the dense, clinging energies that have held her back. The dialogue reveals the presence of an orb of light, a symbol of the divine guidance and support available to the client as she embarks on this journey of opening her heart fully. This process is not just about letting go; it’s about transformation and rebirth. The client is encouraged to reclaim her power, not just as a healer in her professional life but as a sovereign being capable of profound self-love and self-acceptance. Through the practice of specific energy taps, the client and Jen work together to release the traumas of abandonment, the weight of guilt, and the shadows of past lifetimes, paving the way for healing and enlightenment.

“Embracing Your Shadows to Find Your Shine” is more than a healing session; it’s a testament to the power of facing one’s deepest fears and darkest corners with courage and love. As the client progresses through the session, there’s a palpable shift in her energy – from being ensnared by her past to embracing a future filled with light, love, and the potential for true happiness. This session encapsulates the essence of Jen Ward’s healing philosophy: that within each of us lies the power to transcend our limitations, to heal our wounds, and to emerge not just unbroken but beautifully whole. It’s a poignant reminder that by embracing our shadows, we allow our true shine to illuminate not just our own path but the world around us.

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