Angels and demons

Experience profound healing with Jen Ward as she guides a client through releasing past traumas, unlocking a journey of liberation and love.


In this transformative Jenuine Healing private session facilitated by the renowned energy healer, Jen Ward, the power of love, healing, and liberation from past traumas shines through as a beacon for those ensnared in the webs of their ancestral and personal afflictions. Jen, leveraging her unique ability to connect deeply with her clients beyond the surface, embarks on a healing journey with a client grappling with the heavy burdens of anger, resentment, and the pains of past lifetimes that manifest in physical and emotional turmoil. Through the potent technique of energy tapping and the resonant power of her voice, Jen initiates a profound release process, targeting the dense, oppressive energies suffocating the client’s essence and freedom.

The session delves into the intricate layers of the client’s energetic fields, addressing and dissolving the harrowing imprints of persecution, martyrdom, and scapegoating that have cyclically plagued his existence across lifetimes. Jen’s empathetic approach, coupled with her insightful capacity to identify and nullify the energies of hate, blame, and victimhood, paves the way for an extraordinary transformation. As the client releases these stifling energies, he experiences an immediate upliftment, a palpable lightness that signifies the unshackling of his spirit from the chains of past torments.

In the culmination of this cathartic session, Jen and the client engage in a series of powerful affirmations and taps that not only expel the remnants of darkness but also fortify the client’s being with love, acceptance, and the courage to transcend the confines of fear and limitation. The transition from a state of being entrapped in the ‘friend zone’ and battling unseen forces of negativity to one of empowerment, openness, and readiness for genuine connection heralds a new dawn in the client’s life. Jen’s unwavering support and the profound exchange of healing energies underscore the session’s essence—a testament to the transformative power of genuine healing, the resilience of the human spirit, and the indomitable strength of love.


00:00:00 Opening Greetings and Session Setup
00:01:12 Addressing Anger and Family Dynamics
00:02:22 Deep Emotional Release and Healing Techniques
00:04:20 Exploring Past Lives and Breaking Free from Cycles
00:05:31 Singing as a Healing Modality
00:07:32 Addressing Deep-Seated Fears and Past Traumas
00:23:19 Confronting the Fear of Being a Deadbeat Dad
00:28:34 Financial Struggles and the Impact of Negative Energy
00:31:51 Renouncing Past Vows and Limitations
00:37:15 Releasing the Battle Line Between Good and Evil
00:38:44 Releasing Negative Energy and Embracing Positivity
00:39:55 Confronting and Overcoming Personal Demons
00:44:11 Healing from Physical and Emotional Pain
00:51:56 Empowering the Self Through Energetic Cleansing
01:04:54 Addressing External Negativity and Protecting Energy
01:08:05 Visualizing and Manifesting Positive Changes

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