Grace’s path to healing

Explore Grace’s journey of healing with Jen Ward: A tale of love, liberation, and the profound bond between pets and their owners.


This pet healing session unveils the profound journey of a beloved pet cat named Grace and her owner, who sought the guidance of Jen Ward, a renowned energy healer, to address Grace’s distressing health challenges. The session unfolds as a deeply touching narrative of intuitive healing, showcasing Jen’s empathetic approach and her ability to connect with Grace on a spiritual level. Through the use of SFT (Spiritual Freedom Technique) tapping and the channeling of healing energy, Jen addresses the root causes of Grace’s ailments, including past life traumas and the emotional burdens she carried on behalf of her owner.

Jen’s healing process is both unique and enlightening, offering a blend of spiritual insight and practical guidance. She leads Grace and her owner through a series of energy clearing exercises, focusing on releasing the accumulated traumas and fears that have manifested physically in Grace’s body. The session reveals how pets, like humans, are susceptible to emotional and spiritual imbalances that can affect their well-being. Jen’s methodology underscores the importance of addressing these issues through compassionate understanding and energetic healing, fostering a space for Grace to begin her journey towards recovery and emotional liberation.

Throughout this session, viewers are invited to witness the transformative power of love and intention in the healing process. Jen’s ability to facilitate a deep connection with Grace, allowing her to release her pain and embrace a sense of safety and love, serves as a testament to the potential of energy healing in enriching the lives of pets and their owners alike. This session not only highlights the intricacies of pet healing but also inspires a greater appreciation for the profound bond between humans and their animal companions, encouraging others to explore the healing possibilities within their own relationships.


00:00:00 A Healing Journey Begins
00:00:31 Introducing SFT Tapping
00:01:08 Healing Visualizations and the Power of Love
00:02:12 Addressing Past Life Traumas and Emotional Release Techniques
00:04:00 Releasing Anger and Living in the Present
00:08:00 Confronting and Releasing Deep-Seated Fears
00:12:15 Healing Through Music
00:17:53 Understanding the Symbiotic Relationship Between Pets and Owners
00:34:45 Final Thoughts and the Importance of Sharing Healing Experiences

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