Embracing personal power

Embrace your power: A journey from victimhood to empowerment with Jen Ward’s healing, uncovering strength and autonomy through transformative energy work.


In this video, world renowned energy healer Jen Ward and Marvin Schneider showcase a transformative journey that unfolds for a client embarking on her path to self-empowerment. This session marks her second encounter with the healing modalities offered by Jen, building upon the foundational work initiated in her first session, “Finding Strength in the Midst of Adversity.” The client, having experienced a profound release in her initial session, is now navigating the complexities of harnessing and maintaining the newfound energy and empowerment. Jen Ward emphasizes the analogy of receiving a million dollars; just as one must learn to manage sudden wealth, the client must learn to steward her regained energy wisely. The session underscores the pivotal realization that the client’s current relationship is not a soulmate connection, offering her a liberating perspective and the opportunity to redefine her path forward.

As the session progresses, Jen and the client delve into the deeper layers of healing, addressing the psychological and emotional residue from the client’s past experiences, including past lives. The conversation reveals the client’s courageous steps towards reclaiming her autonomy, including consulting an attorney and confronting past abuses. This phase of the healing journey is marked by a significant shift from victimhood to empowerment, as the client begins to assert her boundaries and take decisive actions towards her freedom. The dialogue between Jen and the client illuminates the intricate process of untangling from dysfunctional dynamics and the importance of continuous healing work to sustain the momentum of transformation.

The “Embracing Personal Power” session is a testament to the profound impact of Jenuine Healing’s approach, combining energetic cleansing, SFT (Spiritual Freedom Technique) taps, and the compassionate guidance of Jen Ward. Through a series of powerful affirmations and energy work, the client experiences a cathartic release of burdens, a reclamation of her voice, and a renewal of her inner strength. This session serves as an inspirational narrative for those seeking to overcome adversity and embrace their true power. It highlights the journey from recognizing one’s worth and potential to actively embodying empowerment, setting a path for healing not only for the individual but also offering a blueprint for others navigating similar challenges.

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