Overcoming past life trauma with SFT tapping

Discover the power of SFT tapping in overcoming past traumas and finding peace. Jen Ward guides a journey of deep healing and spiritual awakening.


In a deeply transformative session with world-renowned energy healer Jen Ward, a client embarks on a journey to overcome past life trauma through the powerful technique of SFT (Spiritual Freedom Technique) tapping. The session begins with a touching and genuine exchange, highlighting the client’s recent progress and improvements made from daily SFT tapping exercises. This personal progress is further illuminated by the client’s surprising ability to sleep without medication, a milestone that underscores the profound impact of the energy work being done.

As the session delves deeper, Jen Ward introduces the concept of tapping into the SFT Lexicon book as a means to induce sleep, not through boredom but through a gentle shift into deeper consciousness. This approach is not just about combating insomnia but about engaging with your energy at a profound level, allowing for a natural transition into rest. The client’s revelation of being able to sleep without Ambien signifies a significant breakthrough, attributing this success to the cell repair work done in group tapping sessions and the individual’s commitment to the SFT practices.

The heart of the session explores the intricate web of past life traumas and their lingering effects on the client’s present life. Through a series of SFT tapping exercises, Jen guides the client to release deep-seated traumas associated with migrating, divorce, and the physical manifestation of these traumas in the body’s energy centers, or chakras. The conversation uncovers layers of emotional and physical blockages, leading to profound realizations about the origins of the client’s sleep difficulties and emotional burdens. Through the compassionate and skilled facilitation of Jen Ward, the session illuminates the path to healing, demonstrating the transformative power of SFT tapping in releasing past life traumas and embracing spiritual freedom.


00:00:00 Opening Greetings and Personal Updates
00:00:11 Exploring Spiritual Freedom Techniques
00:03:40 Deep Dive into Energy Work and Chakra Healing
00:24:00 Introducing Adam and Tapping into Teenage Energy
00:39:16 Navigating Birthday Emotions and Removing Expectations
00:41:38 Exploring the Depths of Self-Perception
00:43:02 Unraveling the Mysteries of Birthdays
00:44:22 Understanding the Significance of Birth
00:46:31 Navigating Family Dynamics and Past Lives
00:52:11 Confronting the Complexities of Lineage
00:59:41 Embracing Empowerment and Self-Relaxation
01:02:12 Overcoming School and Social Challenges
01:07:47 Healing from Past Life Traumas
01:11:25 Wrapping Up: Insights and Reflections

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