Transform pain into purpose

Witness a profound journey of healing, using energy taps to transform pain, encouraging deep self-exploration and empowerment in the process.


In an intimate session with a world-renowned energy healer, Jen Ward, a transformational journey unfolds, centered around the profound practice of transforming pain into purpose. The client shares significant personal developments, including a challenging interaction concerning a family member, which led to an exploration of deeper energetic work. Jen guides the client through targeted energy taps, a method used to release and transmute negative energies and patterns. The discussion reveals the client’s diligent application of these taps, despite feeling overwhelmed by the growing list of areas needing attention. This dedication to self-work is celebrated by Jen as a testament to the client’s commitment to her healing journey, highlighting the empowering nature of taking control of your energetic wellbeing.

As the session deepens, Jen introduces the concept of paying attention to the energy shifts resulting from the taps, encouraging the client to note which practices deplete or energize her. This nuanced approach to energy work prompts a deeper self-exploration, urging the client to journal these experiences. The conversation then transitions into the introduction of the positive protocol, a technique aimed at reinforcing positive energy shifts. This method serves as a powerful tool for the client, allowing her to actively engage with her healing process by focusing on transcending negative patterns and embracing empowerment and sovereignty.

The latter part of the session is a powerful testament to the transformative power of energy work. Jen and the client delve into the removal of deeply ingrained traumas, including past life experiences that have manifested as physical and emotional pain in the present. Through a series of specific taps, they address and release these old wounds, allowing for a profound healing and opening up of the client’s energy pathways. This process not only alleviates the pain but also empowers the client to reclaim her voice and strength, symbolized by the shift from a squeak to a roar. The session concludes with a sense of renewal and empowerment, as the client recognizes their growth and the reclaiming of their inherent strength, marking a pivotal point in their healing journey.

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