Peeling back to discover your true self

Experience transformative healing with Jen Ward. Unveil your true essence, release past traumas, and embrace empowerment in this profound session.


In this intimate and transformative private healing session, world renowned energy healer Jen Ward guides a client through a journey of deep self-discovery and healing. This session unveils the layers of accumulated energies, past traumas, and societal conditioning, revealing the radiant core of the client’s true essence. Jen’s empathetic approach, combined with her profound intuitive insights, creates a safe space for the client to explore the depths of their being, addressing both the seen and unseen hurdles that have hindered their spiritual and emotional growth.

Throughout the session, Jen employs her signature energy healing techniques, including the powerful SFT (Spiritual Freedom Technique) taps, to help the client release deeply ingrained patterns of negative thinking, emotional blockages, and limiting beliefs. These practices not only facilitate a release of the past pains but also instill a newfound sense of empowerment, clarity, and freedom within the client. Jen’s ability to connect with the client’s energy field on a profound level allows her to tailor the healing process to the individual’s specific needs, ensuring a truly personalized healing experience.

This session is more than just an energy healing session; it’s a transformative journey that empowers the client to reclaim their inner power and intuition. By addressing issues at their root and fostering an environment of unconditional support and understanding, Jen Ward assists the client in navigating their path to self-realization. This session is a testament to the potential within each individual to overcome their struggles, transcend their limitations, and step into the fullness of their true, authentic self. It’s an invitation to anyone seeking to connect more deeply with their essence and live a life aligned with their highest potential.


00:00:00 A Morning Check-In
00:00:30 The Importance of Intuition and Self-Awareness in Healing
00:02:42 The Role of Family in Personal Growth
00:14:13 Harnessing the Power of Healing Music and Sessions
00:16:55 Strategies for Personal Empowerment
00:19:13 From Victim to Researcher
00:21:33 The Journey of Self-Discovery and Universal Contribution
00:33:09 Embracing Higher Consciousness and Releasing Universal Mind Fucks
00:39:36 Exploring the Ego's Desire and Misunderstanding of Humility
00:41:08 Letting Go of Competing for the Worst
00:46:43 Empowerment Through Energy
00:50:40 Balancing Our Existence
01:04:33 Confronting and Releasing Man-Made Constructs
01:14:43 Reclaiming Empowerment
01:15:33 Planning the Next Steps in the Healing Journey

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