Letting down your guard in relationships

Dive into relationship complexities and personal growth in our latest showcasing of a Jenuine Healing private session Navigate challenges, embrace vulnerability, and heal deep traumas for a transformed connection.


Join your hosts Marvin Schneider and world renowned energy healer Jen Ward as we delve into the complexities of relationships and personal growth.

Discover how to navigate the challenges of balancing routine and inconsistency, and learn to release the patterns that hold you back. Explore the power of vulnerability and embrace the sweetness of female energy, allowing for a deeper connection with your partner. Uncover the deep-rooted traumas that may be affecting your relationship and find healing through tapping and visualization exercises.

Gain insights into the importance of playfulness and childlike wonder, and learn how to create a safe space for open communication and understanding. Join us on this journey of self-discovery and relationship transformation.

Show notes

1. Introduction: * Jen greets the client and discusses the focus of the session * Client shares their experience with a previous workshop and desire to continue healing

2. Identifying Issues: * Client describes feeling inconsistency in their relationship * Jen identifies a veil of issues and inconsistencies in the client’s life * Client acknowledges the inconsistency in their relationship

3. Releasing Patterns: * Jen guides the client in releasing the need to be in control in the relationship * Client explores their resistance to vulnerability and embracing female energy * Jen encourages the client to shift their perspective on female energy from embarrassment to vulnerability and sweetness

4. Understanding Trauma: * Jen reveals past life experiences of trauma and destruction related to being a woman * Client acknowledges the impact of past trauma on their aversion to embracing childlike wonder and innocence

5. Shifting Relationship Dynamics: * Jen advises the client to create a safe space for open communication and vulnerability in their relationship * Client is encouraged to engage in activities that foster childlike wonder and playfulness * Jen suggests creating a fort or tent in the living room for shared playtime * Client is advised to visualize and visit the North Pole in their dreams to reconnect with childlike wonder

6. Releasing Victim Mentality: * Jen highlights the tendency for both the client and partner to play the victim in their relationship * Client is guided in releasing the victim mentality and shifting their perspective to a more empowered stance * Jen emphasizes the importance of self-reflection and reframing negative thoughts

7. Embracing Compassion: * Jen encourages the client to understand their partner’s struggles and fears related to vulnerability * Client is advised to express appreciation and value for their partner’s contributions * Jen suggests engaging in activities that foster compassion and understanding, such as watching movies that evoke childlike wonder

8. Conclusion: * Jen summarizes the importance of healing past traumas and embracing vulnerability in the relationship * Client is encouraged to continue their journey of self-discovery and growth * Episode ends with gratitude and well wishes for the client’s relationship journey.

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