Finding strength in the midst of adversity

Tune into this inspiring Jenuine Healing private session as the client finds her strength, releases past trauma, and empowers herself to take back control. Don’t miss out on this transformative journey!


In this deeply transformative episode of Jenuine Healing Down Under, world renowned energy healer Jen Ward and Marvin Schneider dive into the profound impact of energy healing through the lens of a particularly challenging private session. The client, engulfed in the throes of a relationship breakdown and feeling utterly isolated, reached out to Jen in desperation. This episode, “Finding Strength in the Midst of Adversity,” lays bare the raw emotional landscape of a woman at her breaking point and the healing journey she embarks upon with Jen’s guidance. Initially consumed by the chaos of her circumstances, the client’s story is a testament to the power of energy healing in navigating the stormiest of life’s seas, showcasing the initial state of vulnerability and the catalytic moment that propelled her towards seeking help.

Jen Ward’s approach, deeply empathetic yet fiercely empowering, shines through as she untangles the complex web of energies surrounding the client. With each session, the client transitions from a place of feeling victimized and powerless to reclaiming her strength and sovereignty. This evolution is not just about healing from a relationship breakdown but also involves delving into past life dynamics that contributed to the present turmoil. Jen’s insights into these deeper layers of the client’s psyche underscore the session’s transformative potential, moving beyond mere surface-level healing to address the root causes of suffering and disempowerment.

The profound shift in the client’s perspective and energy is a central theme, illustrating the holistic and encompassing nature of Jen Ward’s healing methodology. The discussions about dealing with external chaos, embodying empowerment, and the strategic release of karmic bonds offer listeners a roadmap for their healing journeys. As the narrative unfolds, it becomes evident that this episode is not just about one woman’s path to healing but also serves as a beacon of hope and a source of practical wisdom for others facing similar adversities. The interplay of personal healing and broader spiritual lessons speaks to the heart of what Jenuine Healing aims to achieve: facilitating profound personal transformations that ripple out to effect positive change in the world.

Quotable Quotes

“She’s literally being attacked on all sides energetically.”

“The turning point of the whole session was when I challenged her and I said, he’s not your soulmate.”

“She was so naive in the past lifetime that it never even occurred to her to challenge those dynamics.”

“It’s not his money. He’s taking your health and converted your health into monetary gain.”

“Imagine when you realize what a badass dynamic, amazing woman you are, and that he’s like nothing to you.”

“This is important for you to stay empowered, and I’m really wanting to work with you on this.”


00:00:00 Introduction
00:12:53 Client shares situation
00:14:11 Past life as origin of issue
00:20:05 Removing energetic hooks
00:22:44 Taking back life force
00:28:00 Trauma of past cruelty
00:37:25 Emotional blackmail
00:45:55 Embodying empowerment
00:51:19 Protecting the client's son
00:56:37 Releasing abuse identity
01:07:10 Detaching from royal family
01:12:38 Session wrap-up

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