Finding strength in the midst of adversity

Tune into this inspiring Jenuine Healing private session as the client finds her strength, releases past trauma, and empowers herself to take back control. Don’t miss out on this transformative journey!


In this powerful showcasing of a Jenuine Healing private session, world renowned energy healer Jen Ward works with a client to release the anxieties and the challenges she is facing in her relationship with her husband. With the guidance of the Jen, they explore past life experiences that are influencing her current struggles. Through SFT tapping exercises and releasing negative emotions, the client begins to find relief and a sense of empowerment. Tune in to this powerful private session as they work through deep-rooted emotions and find healing in the present moment.

Show notes


  • Host acknowledges the client’s anxiousness and offers reassurance.
  • The client shares her concerns about her husband and their relationship.

Past Life Trauma:

  • The client reveals her past life experience as a victim of a cruel king.
  • Connection between past life trauma and current emotional struggles.

Emotional Release Tapping:

  • Host guides the client through tapping exercises to release past life trauma.
  • Tapping focuses on releasing feelings of humiliation, sacrifice, and manipulation.

Dealing with a Manipulative Partner:

  • Host advises the client to see her husband as a petulant child.
  • Encourages the client to assert her boundaries and not be swayed by emotional blackmail.
  • Emphasizes the importance of advocating for herself and her son.

Recognizing Personal Strength:

  • Host highlights the client’s resilience and inner strength.
  • Encourages the client to see herself as a powerful and beautiful individual.

Energetic Cleanse and Empowerment:

  • The client is recommended to do an energetic cleanse to release ties with the royal family.
  • Taking back personal sovereignty and dignity from past influences.

Moving Forward:

  • The client is reminded of her progress and growth since the first session.
  • Encouraged to invest in her own healing and empowerment.


  • The client expresses excitement for her journey towards reclaiming her personal power.
  • Host reassures the client of her support and availability for future sessions if needed.

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