Releasing anxiety and embracing inner beauty

In this showcasing of a Jenuine Healing private session, we explore the vast mansion of the soul, drawing connections between past lives, present anxieties, and the uncharted rooms of our consciousness.


In a deeply moving showcasing of a powerful Jenuine Healing private session, world renowned energy healer, Jen Ward facilitates a transformative session centered on releasing anxiety and embracing inner beauty. This session provides an intimate glimpse into the healing process, where a client battles with pervasive anxiety and struggles with self-perception and identity. Through Jen’s compassionate guidance, the session unfolds as a journey into the client’s psyche, uncovering layers of emotional distress rooted in past life traumas and deeply ingrained fears about self-worth and beauty.

Jen employs her signature Spiritual Freedom Technique (SFT) taps, alongside powerful visualizations, to address the core issues that manifest as anxiety and self-doubt in the client’s life. The session highlights the intricate link between past life experiences and present-day emotional challenges, revealing how historical traumas can shadow one’s sense of self and hinder personal growth. Through the targeted SFT taps, Jen meticulously works through these layers, helping the client to release the fears of being seen and recognized for her true self, thereby catalyzing a profound transformation.

A standout moment in the healing session is the innovative visualization of exploring an inner mansion, representing the client’s consciousness. This metaphorical journey leads the client to confront and dispel the darkness within her ‘lower levels’ of consciousness, symbolizing past fears and traumas. By encouraging the client to ‘open the curtains’ and let light into every corner of her being, Jen facilitates a moment of cathartic release and emotional liberation. This session not only highlights the effectiveness of Jen’s healing methods but also underscores the importance of confronting our innermost fears to rediscover our inherent beauty and strength.


00:00:00 Welcome to Jenuine Healing Down Under
00:01:37 The Transformative Impact of Shared Sessions
00:04:25 Diving Deep into a Client's Healing Journey
00:06:26 Unveiling Core Issues and Past Life Trauma
00:11:50 A Breakthrough Visualization in Healing
00:46:31 Exploring the Mansion of Consciousness
00:51:50 Embracing and Releasing Ego Fears
00:53:14 Illuminating Your Inner Home
00:55:12 Exploring the Mansion of Your Psyche
00:58:24 Venturing into the Creepy Basement
01:05:06 Unlocking the Fountain of Providence
01:07:55 Empowerment and Protection
01:18:48 Writing as a Path to Healing and Empowerment
01:22:20 Concluding Thoughts and Next Steps

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