Releasing anxiety and embracing inner beauty

In this showcasing of a Jenuine Healing private session, we explore the vast mansion of the soul, drawing connections between past lives, present anxieties, and the uncharted rooms of our consciousness.

In the world of holistic healing and personal growth, few methodologies delve as deeply into the interplay between past lives and present experiences as a Jenuine Healing private session. In this episode of Jenuine Healing Down Under, your hosts Marvin Schneider and world-renowned energy healer Jen Ward highlight a powerful private session with a client. This session explored transformative insights into your consciousness, often represented as a vast, unexplored mansion.

The mansion as a metaphor for consciousness

For most people, life is experienced from the vantage point of a single room in a grand mansion. You find solace in familiar spaces, often reluctant to explore the entirety of your mansion (or in other words, your consciousness). This metaphor elegantly captures how your past traumas can confine you to specific emotional and mental spaces, limiting your experiences and growth.

Past lives and their present impact

All Jenuine Healing private sessions explore the connection between past lives and their impact on your present circumstances. Jen Ward, with her profound intuitive abilities, unearths the traumas and fears that you unconsciously carry from past lives into your present existence. A fear of beauty, for instance, may stem from traumatic experiences linked to attractiveness in a bygone era. Recognizing and acknowledging these ties can be the first step to freeing yourself from its restricting grip.

The fear of exploring your full consciousness

A poignant moment in the private session revolved around the notion of feeling overshadowed. You may think of this as hiding in plain sight behind dominant figures in your life, like family members, to escape the limelight. This can be traced back to past traumas where standing out or being unique led to negative experiences. In this healing session, the emphasis was on encouraging the client to venture out of their safe zones, open the curtains, let the light in, and reclaim every corner of their mansion.

Writing as a healing mechanism

Healing isn’t just about recognizing past traumas; it’s also about finding channels to process and overcome them. One unique approach offered by Jenuine Healing is the power of writing. Often dismissed or dreaded due to academic connotations, writing can serve as a potent tool for self-reflection and healing. Within the Jenuine Healing Writer’s Forum, participants are guided to open up their creativity and outflow for the benefit of all of humanity through the articles that are featured on the Jenuine Healing website.


“Jenuine Healing Down Under” is not just another wellness series. It is a deep dive into understanding yourself, piecing together the fragments from our past and present to form a clearer, more wholesome picture. By exploring the untouched rooms of your ‘mansion,’ you not only discover hidden traumas but also untapped potentials and strengths. As Jen and Marvin continually emphasize, healing is a journey, and recognizing the vastness of your mansion, your soul, is the first step towards embarking on this transformative path.

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