The caretaker

Jen Ward’s healing session offers profound emotional release, guiding clients through a journey of self-discovery and liberation from past traumas.


In a deeply moving private session with world renowned energy healer Jen Ward, the focus shifts towards healing and liberation from past traumas. The session opens with a tender moment of connection between the client and Bernie, a beloved pet, underscoring the theme of unconditional love and trust that pervades the entire session. As the conversation unfolds, Jen introduces a series of energy release techniques, aiming to alleviate deep-seated emotional wounds. The process, reflective of Jen’s empathetic approach, involves the client actively participating in vocalizing affirmations designed to release specific traumas and blockages, including those stemming from past lifetimes and ingrained fears. This method not only empowers the client but also fosters a safe space for profound healing.

Throughout the session, Jen delves into the client’s experiences with a keen intuitive sense, identifying patterns of enabling, guilt, and self-doubt that have hindered the client’s emotional freedom. By addressing these issues directly, Jen guides the client through a transformative journey, one that acknowledges the pain of the past while paving the way for a future unburdened by it. The repeated affirmations serve as a powerful tool for releasing negative energies, allowing the client to let go of the guilt, helplessness, and trauma that have long affected their well-being.

The culmination of the session marks a significant turning point for the client, as they begin to recognize and dismantle the barriers that have prevented them from fully embracing their strength and authenticity. Jen’s compassionate support and guidance encourage the client to reclaim their power, leading to a moment of profound realization and emotional release. By confronting and releasing the deep-seated fears and traumas, the client embarks on a path of self-discovery and healing, signifying a hopeful beginning of embracing their true essence, free from the shadows of the past. This session, emblematic of Jen Ward’s healing philosophy, underscores the transformative power of empathy, trust, and the willingness to heal, offering a beacon of hope to those seeking to find peace and spiritual freedom.


00:00:00 The Heartwarming Tale of Bernie
00:01:39 Deep Emotional Release Techniques
00:05:45 Addressing Past Lifetimes and Present Fears
00:12:13 The Journey to Self-Understanding and Seeking Help
00:14:12 Breaking Free from Patterns and Empowering the Self
00:24:48 Healing from Being Preyed Upon and Betrayal
00:28:51 Understanding the Dynamics of Victim and Predator
00:31:07 The Importance of Self-Care in Helping Others
00:35:00 Understanding and Releasing False Humility
00:36:13 Letting Go of Competitiveness and Need for Control
00:45:22 Navigating Relationships and Self-Perception
00:48:48 Recanting Vows and Releasing Limitations
01:01:25 Finding Freedom and Empowerment
01:02:51 Reflecting on the Journey and Sharing Insights

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