A cat’s comeuppance

Explore a transformative healing journey with Jen Ward, helping cats overcome past trauma and embrace trust through empathy and energy work.


In a heartwarming and transformative session led by world renowned energy healer Jen Ward, a fascinating story unfolds involving a client and her cats, particularly focusing on the emotional and energetic struggles of two feline companions, Lucy and Mickey. The session, affectionately dubbed “A Cat’s Comeuppance,” starts with an exploration of Lucy’s feelings of loss and mistrust, stemming from her separation from her mother and litter. Through Jen’s gentle guidance, the session delves into releasing Lucy’s deep-seated fears and self-blame, employing powerful affirmations to help her let go of the past and embrace trust and comfort in her current environment. This therapeutic journey not only highlights Lucy’s need for healing but also showcases Jen’s empathetic approach to addressing the emotional scars left by early traumas.

As the session progresses, attention shifts to Mickey, another cat in the household, revealing a complex dynamic of jealousy, antagonism, and a struggle for dominance. Mickey, described as tormenting the other cats and behaving disruptively, becomes the focal point for further energetic healing. Jen’s methodical approach, through releasing exercises, seeks to address Mickey’s behavioral issues, aiming to harmonize the household’s dynamics. This part of the session illuminates the intricate relationships and emotional undercurrents within the feline community, emphasizing the importance of understanding and addressing the root causes of behavioral problems.

The session culminates in a profound realization that Mickey’s actions are influenced by her past life experiences, notably a belief that she was royalty, which led to her superiority complex and disruptive behavior. Jen’s insightful revelations help the client understand the deeper issues at play, guiding her towards a path of healing for Mickey and fostering a more peaceful and cooperative living situation for all the cats involved. Through patience, empathy, and a deep understanding of energy dynamics, Jen facilitates a transformative experience, demonstrating the powerful impact of energy healing on both humans and animals. This session beautifully illustrates the journey of emotional and spiritual healing, offering hope and a sense of peace to those involved.


00:00:00 Opening Greetings and Setting the Scene
00:00:26 Introducing Lucy and Discussing Her Issues
00:01:18 Releasing Emotional Baggage
00:05:33 Transition to Discussing the Household's Other Cats
00:07:06 Addressing Mickey's Behavior
00:12:45 Confronting and Correcting Mickey's Attitude
00:16:42 Overcoming the Fear of Being Overlooked
00:18:51 Clearing Engrams and Muscle Memory of Attack
00:20:49 Releasing the Feeling of Being Trapped
00:21:17 Understanding Past Lives and Their Impact
00:29:33 Concluding Thoughts and Gratitude

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